by , 9th Nov 18 7:08 pm

If you’re looking to realize some of the value in your vehicle, even if it’s pretty much junk at this point, then you can sell it to a business that will pay cash. Auto salvage lots pay money for your junk vehicle either in whole or in parts and then sell those parts to other […]

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by , 6th Nov 18 9:03 am

Delivery drivers deliver goods or products either on demand or routes. Basically, they bring good things. To clarify this, take time and try to remember when a delivery driver brought you bad news. For instance, if you order a pizza you don’t expect the delivery driver to inform you otherwise, instead, he will bring you […]

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by , 7th Nov 17 4:34 pm

Remeber the CD Player for the car, built into the dashboard or stacked into the rear of the boot? Before the CD player became a must have car accessory it was the tape deck, remember that? Happy days. Or were they, tape decks always lost sound quality, the tape would often un-reel and one would […]

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by , 3rd Oct 17 3:24 pm

Children and teenagers are very much alike; they crave freedom and independence even though it’s not always what’s best for them. That’s why it’s so good to have a parent who dares to say no and avoid giving them too much freedom at once, even though it may lead to a few arguments. When it […]

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by , 19th Apr 17 11:55 pm

Car tyres are not just an important part of the way your car runs – they are an essential part of the safety system of any vehicle. If you don’t keep them in good working order, then they are not going to be able to look after you should you need to break suddenly, to […]

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