by , 22nd Jan 18 2:07 pm

His name is Alex Choi, looks like a boy sounds like a man, he is already a multi-millionaire, tech CEO and SEO expert so one wonders why he needs his own YouTube channel?  Usually, we say… money. But Choi already has plenty of cash floating around from his SEO business. So, the only answer we […]

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by , 6th Jun 17 12:49 pm

What is the value of Mazda in the UK… it probably isn’t the Mazda 2 the main issue we here at DCB towers have with the Mazda 2 is that it looks 10 years out of date despite having modern styling characteristics. This is the definitive bland loking car for people who are not loyal […]

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by , 25th Jan 17 7:36 pm

Remember when we were doing the Look-a-Like feature? Well we don’t run those stories every other week these days because they proved to be too popular. When something gets popular it’s best to quit before you peak, while you’re ahead, to leave the public wanting more. We can say without any irony that the Look-a-Like feature we […]

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by , 12th Jan 17 10:00 am

If you are going to slum it then just slum it don’t try and be in-between and that’s what the Editor of AutoGuide needs to learn. He may well be an expert car hack and have above excellent grammar and spelling but he must also remember how to dress appropriately. Unfortunately he is wearing a […]

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by , 16th Feb 16 4:03 pm

Sebastian Vettel has blamed Mercedes F1 for turning fans away from the sport believing Formula One lacks the excitement when one team dominates for so long. Vettel also cited complex rules as another factor for putting off fans from watching or participating at events. Clearly Vettel has forgotten about the utter dominance he enjoyed when he […]

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