by , 11th Mar 19 1:08 pm

Doug DeMuro is clearly a seditionist or possibly working for or against AntiFa. Why do we say this? He likes the Premium luxury Rubbish BMW 7 Series SUV. Says it’s the best premium luxury SUV on the market, better than the unreliable as hell Range Rover. Any way DeMuro takes his usual forensic look at […]

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by , 25th Feb 19 4:18 pm

BMW would like you to believe they want to save the Hippos, baby Kangaroos, the Dodo, rid the oceans of plastic waste and save mankind from itself. BMW would have you believe that they believe in a sustainable, clean air future, to make more whales and re-introduce dinosaurs into the wildlife. Jurassic World style. But […]

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by , 19th Feb 19 5:31 pm

Research revealed by TRACKER supports reports that the threat of keyless car theft is increasing – including relay attacks. TRACKER data reveals that 88% of stolen vehicles fitted with one of its devices, which were successfully recovered in 2018, were stolen without using the owner’s keys. An increase from 80% stolen by this method in […]

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by , 11th Feb 19 11:11 am

The BMW M140i is so overrated it makes me want to puke. So why is it overrated? Well, I have driven the M140i. And I was so looking forward to the experience I couldn’t wait. In anticipation, I read all the reviews. They were positive. I… was excited. But when I finally got behind the wheel of the […]

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by , 18th Jan 19 1:25 pm

Scotty Kilmer appears to have escaped captivity since his last hostage video. So we presume his hostage days are over because he is free to breathe the open air again. In today’s open-air video Kilmer advises YouTubers on 5 used cars to avoid buying. The first target is BMW Mini. To cut a long story […]

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