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It’s a critical analysis day here at DCB HQ. We often call out BMW for making premium luxury rubbish vehicles. But is it fair to slap such a label upon a company that is seen as an esteemed motoring brand? Afterall BMW is considered to be peerless among its contemporaries. Should the Daily Car Blog […]

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by , 2nd Oct 19 1:29 pm

We regularly shit on BMW, because they are over-hyped by the media, the media who see it as their duty to become unquestioning lackeys to everything BMW PR overhypes. This is called journalism. To join the club you have to become part of the club and the BMW initiation ceremony is governed by a simple […]

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by , 27th Sep 19 9:34 am

When it comes to luxury automobiles, BMW is often the first brand that springs to mind. Few could argue that BMW is still the king of the road as they remain the most desirable vehicles available and this has been the case for many years. The BMW badge is synonymous with class and owning a […]

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by , 24th Sep 19 12:29 pm

It’s here, the 2019 BMW 1 Series. I had a moment of sudden and great revelation when I drove the BMW M140i. Here was a car being salivated over by motoring journalists. Here was a car give 5-star ratings. Here was a car that had no equal. So when I drove the M140i I found […]

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by , 11th Sep 19 11:22 am

With the BMW Concept 4, the traditional and iconic kidney grille design language has been ditched and in its place is the new look “buttock print” grille. Industry insiders inform us the new BMW “buttock print” grille will be manufactured by a special production technique. It involves getting a fat arse to sit on the […]

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