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BMW, the maker of premium luxury rubbish, has such an easy time with the motoring press. Every product they make is unfathomably brilliant. The truth is that not everything BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, produce is brilliant. One has the impression that they live in a media bubble, relying on positive reviews to assist […]

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by , 3rd Nov 18 8:50 pm

We’ve been bashing BMW of late because we truly believe they are premium luxury rubbish cars. They don’t work properly, they are expensive and they are not the ultimate driving machine. However, for the purposes of fair & balanced journalism (which doesn’t actually exist), we have decided not to say BMW is premium luxury rubbish luxury in this […]

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by , 17th Oct 18 12:18 pm

No modern day car requires a grille as oversized as the one designed into the new BMW X7. No automotive designer would do so. The Kidney grille on the front of the new BMW X7 is a classic design by committee last minute decision. That’s our theory. The BMW X7 resides on the same modular […]

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by , 11th Oct 18 2:12 pm

The venue was the SMMT Test day, an industry event organised yearly where motoring journalists meet the manufactures to test vehicles. Or as we call it, “party time”. Set in a private test facility hidden within the rolling English countryside Millbrook Proving Ground is used by the world’s car manufacturers to benchmark test mules. It was […]

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by , 19th Sep 18 2:31 pm

As our respectability in terms of fine impartial and concise journalism continues to decline, we continue to plummet new depths. This is the all-new rubbish BMW Z4, that could theoretically spontaneously burst into flames. While we have criticised the looks, we may well be starting to soften with age. It doesn’t look too bad. The all-new rubbish […]

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