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What do you get with a Shmee150 BMW M8 Competition review? Guaranteed views, BMW marketing people like, want and need views. You also get Shmee150’s credibility and authority… and a winning smile. That’s why we prefer Shmee150 to do the BMW smooching because if it was up to us we would most likely negatively critique […]

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The new BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe. For once we are being fair and balanced with BMW. We’re not going to say BMW is premium luxury rubbish, nor are we going to say they are unreliable, nor are we going to say you shouldn’t buy one. It’s your money, your lease deal, it’s your life […]

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Look at it… it looks like complete and utter gob-shite. A holy grail of bland derivative production friendly, cost friendly, focus group friendly styling. It’s the new BMW 1 Series a car so utterly devoid of originality it’s driven by zombies in their designer heels, false eyelashes and expensive designer handbags they can’t afford. And […]

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Hallo. Wir motivieren Journalisten and my German language skill-set is rather limited so we will be proper Englisch from now on. As you may know, the BMW 8 Series Convertible is now on sale in this dis-United Kingdom. Prices start from £82,295. Two engines will be offered at launch: a V8 petrol engine in the […]

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The introduction of the sixth generation BMW 5 Series saw a change in direction for the company – although not losing its sporting heritage and dynamic characteristics, the Germans took luxury to all new levels. The sixth generation which ran between 2010-2017 was codenamed the F10 (Saloon), F11 (Touring) and F07 (GranTurismo), and featured a […]

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