by , 14th Jan 19 7:57 pm

God damn it how much money we have lost by not starting a YouTube channel is incalculable. Mind you it doesn’t mean to say we would make a success of it. None of us here have the looks, personality nor the get-up-and-go to be successful. We are, by definition, failures… and have accepted our directionless future.  Shmee150 […]

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by , 31st Dec 18 2:19 pm

YouTube man Hoovies Garage bought a used Rolls Royce Phantom for $80k. It was busted up, not externally but the mechanicals. Most of the issues are small, but numerous. And even though the Rolls Royce Phantom is a glorified BMW getting parts is still more expensive. The most expensive fix was to replace the tires… […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 9:25 pm

Oh for goodness sake Harris, BMW M2, sideways. We know you have superior car control but can you please drive the car properly on circuit so we can see how the car behaves. So we can see the change of direction at low to mid speed and we don’t have look through a cloud of […]

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by , 20th Nov 18 11:38 am

BMW, the maker of premium luxury rubbish, has such an easy time with the motoring press. Every product they make is unfathomably brilliant. The truth is that not everything BMW, makers of premium luxury rubbish, produce is brilliant. One has the impression that they live in a media bubble, relying on a conveyor belt of […]

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by , 3rd Nov 18 8:50 pm

We’ve been bashing BMW of late because we truly believe they are premium luxury rubbish cars. They don’t work properly, they are expensive and they are not the ultimate driving machine. However, for the purposes of fair & balanced journalism (which doesn’t actually exist), we have decided not to say BMW is premium luxury rubbish luxury in this […]

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