by , 14th May 19 3:37 pm

Bentley has deliberately on purpose released a model limited to be sold in one region in the whole of the world, the universe, the galaxy… infinity. It’s a special edition Bentley Continental GTC, finished by Mulliner, made for Bavaria. It’s aimed squarely at Germany’s high net worth individuals who skip the annual barbarian filled beer […]

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by , 27th Dec 18 10:34 am

OK, so we decided to take a break over the Christmas period, which in the modern day world is being stuck in an endless traffic jam and supermarket check out tills. Then it’s Christmas day and time seems to go by in slow motion. Boxing day, it’s time to head on over to the shops […]

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by , 5th Dec 18 11:18 am

So, you want to experience the life of luxury when commuting to work every morning? As you leave for the office every morning, you want your seat to massage you down the highway, you want the oak veneer dash to shine, and you want the latest Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite tunes with perfect […]

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by , 21st Mar 18 12:05 pm

Imagine the state of fear you have to be in to turn your perfectly acceptable Bentley Continental GT into an off-roader. It doesn’t make any sense until you realise that this creation was made by Dutch firm, Classic Youngtimers Consultancy, an odd name for what is a used car sales paradigm. The Dutch are sensible people, with […]

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by , 9th Oct 17 6:05 pm

At first, we wondered if it was a bird, or if it was a plane or even if it was Superman. But you and I knew that Superman was a product of fiction. But we chose to believe in that fiction because fiction is always an escape, like taking cocaine or methamphetamines, because fictionalization is better than facing […]

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