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Ayrton Senna, 1990, at the Belgium Grand Prix. The late British F1 writer and reporter, Alan Henry, sat down with Ayrton Senna to discuss F1. As a youngster, my recollection of Ayrton Senna was watching him give an interview to the BBC. Always the conversation was about the race or some kind of injustice around […]

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by , 20th Dec 18 3:06 pm

It looks awesome in this classic F1 inspired decal, why didn’t McLaren do this before? OK so McLaren have released yet another MSO limited edition painted McLaren. The McLaren Marlboro P1 GTR dons classic 80s cigarette livery, marking Ayrton Senna’s maiden F1 championship with the team. Ayrton Senna requires little introduction. Neither does the £1m-plus McLaren P1 […]

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by , 26th May 18 12:04 am

The legendary, 94-year-old F1 commentator, Murray Walker joins forces with Codemasters to recreate a moment of F1 history by lending his voice to a computer-generated lap of Monaco and at the same time reminiscing about Senna. The year was 1988, the venue was the Monaco Grand Prix and the top driver of the moment was Ayrton Senna […]

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by , 19th Jan 18 2:25 pm

McLaren are the babies of the supercar world, to underestimate them, however, would be foolish. The road car division, initially produced limited editions, was actually founded in 1985. Just 7 years later they produced the McLaren F1, once the fastest car in the world; an undeniable legend. From then on McLaren have produced better and better cars, […]

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by , 30th Jun 17 11:12 am

The Ron Dennis era at McLaren has ended after 37 years at the helm of his beloved formula one company that he transformed into a title wining superpower within the sport. Dennis was removed from his role at McLaren F1 last year as personal and business ties soured with longstanding partners. Today Dennis has relinquished […]

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