by , 2nd Apr 19 11:54 am

Daily Driven Exotics is a YouTube channel. About cars. We don’t have much else to say. In this video they are buying a Hummer H1. In reality it’s just a bunch of Candian guys mucking around in skinny jeans and bright trainers. The most boring YouTuber in the world is making a guest appearance, Alex […]

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by , 6th Dec 18 3:19 pm

This is the moment TheRidersChannel caught Alex Choi attempting a show-off powerslide on “The Snake Pass”. The powerslide-u-turn ended in a near miss with a passing motorcyclist. A fellow cyclist was standing on the grass verge filming Choi in his LamBROghini Huracan. But she flipped and f-ed at Choi when the near-collision happened. Alex Choi was posing when the incident occurred on the […]

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by , 22nd Jan 18 2:07 pm

His name is Alex Choi, looks like a boy sounds like a man, he is already a multi-millionaire, tech CEO and SEO expert so one wonders why he needs his own YouTube channel?  Usually, we say… money. But Choi already has plenty of cash floating around from his SEO business. So, the only answer we […]

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