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Do you ave a trucking business? The only and perhaps the best way to save on fuel is to use fuel cards. Businesses that use vehicle fleet for its operations no matter how big or small it might be an immensely benefit by using fleet fuel card during fuel purchase. Spending less on fuel purchases […]

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Our lawyer would actually like us to state there is no racism involved here, nor by Top Gear presenter Chris Harris. Top Gear racism ended when Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer and subsequently received his P45. Yes, it took a physical assault and not racism to finally eject Clarkson. Yet car manufacturers still lauded him […]

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Finding the best cars for sale is a difficult task for sure. Buying a car or a truck can be a little bit challenging due to various things that a buyer is required to do. For those individuals who are purchasing a vehicle for the first time, indeed, you may not know where to begin, […]

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As the rest of the world fawns over the new £1.7 Lotus Evija electric hypercar, we reckon out there is a car with far more important significance… The Ssangyong Tivoli LE. The Ssangyong Tivoli LE is important because it is a car affordable to the many. Unlike the Lotus Evija which costs upwards of £1.7m […]

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One day people may well ask the same question about the Daily Car Blog, who are they and what happened to them? is Daily Car Blog content created by AI Bots based in Russia? But who is Louis Karsenbarg? more to the point where is Louis Karsenbarg? We don’t know but he was and still […]

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