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Ferrari started the 2019 campaign with huge hopes of taking the title fight to Mercedes. They ended the season with just three wins, two for Leclerc and one for Vettel. Ferrari spent most of 2019 trying to figure out how best to unlock the full potential of the Scuderia SF90. They managed to do so […]

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by , 16th Jan 20 2:12 pm

When we – here at DCB HQ – read What Car? had awarded the Ford Puma with the car of the year accolade we all nearly choked on our morning coffee break. We always tend to sip our coffee in perfect synchronicity. The Ford Puma is a sub-compact Fiesta SUV in all but name. Apparently, the […]

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by , 16th Jan 20 1:25 pm

OK, so I was watching The Rise of Skywalker at the cinema here in Brexit Blighty when this feeder commercial started to play. On the big screen, it looked really cool. Not the Nissan Juke, owning such a car is not cool at all as is the very thought of desiring to own one. But […]

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by , 16th Jan 20 11:07 am

Dreaded engine failure is a festering fear that we have all confronted. However, there are many reasons why it is worth owning a car. Getting from A to B on time is the most prominent one. Whether it is work, study, taking the kids to school or visiting friends or family, a car will usually […]

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by , 16th Jan 20 10:45 am

The DBX is currently doing the full publicity tour in the hands of sure-to-be-positive media outlets. Aston Martin is pining its very survival on the DBX. The company is teetering on financial collapse as it struggles to feed a $1bn debt pile. The company’s debt has created unease among banks who are no longer willing […]

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