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No, no, no, no, NO! Carsguide didn’t ask such an errant question as posed in the headlines above. We here at DCB HQ posed the question on their behalf. To make the B Class sound more enthralling. Because let me be honest, if I was intending to buy a new Mercedes, the entry-level model of […]

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by , 18th Sep 19 3:16 pm

Somebody in Bentley’s product planning/marketing department should be made to find their own way back home. Without the use of transport, a compass, shoes and preferably during the night. The individual or perhaps group of individuals responsible for this Bentley Bentayga Stetson collaboration should be made to go on a walk of shame across the […]

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by , 18th Sep 19 2:23 pm

A petrol or hybrid car, the choices are escalating. The automotive industry has experienced many changes in the past decade, which have filtered down to customers. A rising awareness of environmental issues has led motoring towards more eco-friendly vehicles. The biggest names in the car manufacturing sector now feature electric or hybrid options in their […]

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We’re not going to question Rebbecca Jackson’s motive to wear yellow trousers. And we are not here to dispense fashion advice to someone whom we consider to be the Queen, Empress of car reviewers. And Mrs Jackson needs no advice from us. But we have all been there… we see an item of clothing and […]

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The rise and fall of new car sales isn’t an uncommon occurrence and shouldn’t be alarming. No Business can ever expect to rely on unlimited exponential growth. It never happens, unless you happen to work in the private banking sector where it is common for corporations to miss-sell and fix the books. In Europe new […]

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