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Where is Sebastian Vettel? Is he missing in action? Where is the four-time Formula One Champion? Has he gone AWOL? Of course, we all know where Sebastian Vettel is. He drives for Ferrari, has been at the Scuderia since 2015 and has won 13 races and secured multiple podiums. The year 2017 was Vettel’s best […]

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Though no one ever wants to get into an accident, the likelihood of being one is often common. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for drivers aged 16 to 24 and any average American’s chance of being in a car accident is one in 77 people. With a population of 327 […]

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Whoever thought the rear of the year award was a good idea should have been given his marching order. And for that type of award, it’s almost certainly a he making the”he” such decisions. However, the rear of the year awards has made a temporary comeback after Skoda revealed minor updates to the year 2020 […]

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Kudos to the Drivetribe audience acquisition director, no longer do they have to buy YouTube audience to boost video views. The secret was already there, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. A video fronted by James May is guaranteed to get a minimum 500k views in just a couple of days. Top YouTubers and advertisers kill for […]

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We like to think we have influence within the automotive world. The reality is this influence fantasy we assume we have is indeed just a fantasy. But our dreams have come true after Daimler Benz, the parent company of Mercedes, announced it is ending the production of the Nissan Mercedes X Class. Rejoice, hallelujah, praise […]

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