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Doug De Muro reviews a used Ferrari F12. New it would have cost over $400k. The pre-owned, 2015 example is borrowed from a San Deigo supercar dealership. It still costs over $200k, according to De Muro that’s cheap. And he is probably correct. At some point, the Ferrari F12 and it’s 6.3-litre V12 735bhp supercar will […]

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It can be hard to think rationally after you have just been involved in a car accident. After all, you are probably shocked, and so it can be difficult to know what to do next. Fear not, as this blog post has the answers. If you are ever involved in a car accident, you should […]

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Replacing the factory-installed speakers in your car with aftermarket ones is an inventive idea that every passionate music lover adopts. In fact, this should fall among the first decisions you make to modify your car to suit your taste and preferences, right after the purchase. Car speakers can be costly, hence you need to obtain […]

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This was an odd incident. Verstappen had the opportunity to avoid a collision. Esteban Ocon had the opportunity to avoid a collision. The end result was a collision between the Force India and the Red Bull. For his part, Ocon was trying to unlap himself. For his part, Verstappen was firmly in the lead. The Brazilian Grand Prix was an […]

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The breakdown of cars is undesirable, and often than not occurs during the worst of times. Getting the car back on the road is integral in reducing the downtime of your cherished vehicle. OBD2 scanners diagnose your car and thereafter pinpoint the problem beneath the hood. This serves to tell you as a car user […]

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