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The arrival of the new Audi e-Tron SUV is a milestone for Audi. It marks the beginning of a campaign to roll out twelve electric vehicles by 2025. However, they are a little bit late to the EV party. In truth, the current state of the EV market is in its infancy. Around 1.1 million EV’s […]

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by , 17th Sep 18 9:41 pm

In the interests of fair and balanced coverage, we are forced, at gunpoint, to eat things that would make a billy-goat puke. The eating, in this case, is metaphorically eating our own words. Though we dislike Renault, which is like a quality version of the Happy Shopper brand, we have to pay some form of tribute […]

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by , 17th Sep 18 4:27 pm

The accountants and survey people have been hard at work over in Kia HQ. Between them, they have managed to make the all-new Ceed more sensible and practical. Unfortunately, the external styling has taken a direct hit. While the all-new Kia Ceed has stylish design elements, in isolation, the rear end of the car looks as though […]

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by , 17th Sep 18 3:47 pm

We’ve been reviewing the content on this site and realised it basically goes like this. Cars, man driving car, cars, man driving car, BMW is rubbish, cars, YouTube, cars, a man driving car, a man talking about cars. BMW is rubbish. That’s it… So we decided to give more representation to the female voice. Emma […]

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by , 17th Sep 18 12:04 pm

Uptake of electric cars is set to drastically change the pollution levels in urban areas globally. The air quality will be more breathable and healthier for outdoor activities like walking and cycling. Without using diesel or petrol, vehicles will not be harmful to the environment in city areas. There will also be less damage to […]

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