by , 8th Nov 19 1:49 pm

The new Volkswagen Golf Mk8 is all new… although from looking at it you would be forgiven for thinking it is a mere mid-cycle refresh. The Mk8 Golf was officially revealed on October 24, but as usual, we wanted to take our time before reporting on it… we lost the invite… we missed our flight… […]

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by , 8th Nov 19 1:23 pm

It’s a slow news day and we tried to make a pun out of the very British Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge edition. Each attempt to do so became more difficult, one after the other. So we abandoned the editorial briefing and decided to go back to basics. We decided to go for a literal […]

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by , 7th Nov 19 5:06 pm

The Audi R8 as we know it will cease production in 2023. Rumors suggest a possible next-generation will become an all-electric hypercar, possibly tapping into the Porsche Taycan’s powertrain. In the lead up to the cessation of R8 production, Audi is preparing a final run of high-performance model releases. And first in line is R8 […]

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by , 7th Nov 19 4:06 pm

We here are not big fans of these so-called “cars and coffee” American in origin meetups. America is the home to great ideas such as Silicon Valley, the invasion of Iraq, the Industrial Military Complex, trying to ferment a coup in Venezuela. I mean Americans don’t have “guns and coffee” meetups or at least we […]

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by , 7th Nov 19 3:20 pm

Yesterday Mitsubish slashed its annual profit forecast by over 50-percent. A strong Yen and a decrease in volume sales in key territories underscores a challenging time for the “raised from the dead” Japanese auto brand. In 2016 Mitsubishi faced a near-death experience when partner Nissan discovered Mitsubishi had been lying about fuel economy figures. The […]

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