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UK new car registrations fell -89.0% in May, according to figures published today by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Some 20,247 cars were registered in the month, as ‘click and collect’ services, allowed from mid-month, saw some movement in the market. However, with 163,477 fewer registrations than in the same month last […]

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In our opinion, which is rarely if ever heard, Audi is perfection built on a solid base of perfectionism. From design, engineering to build, everything Audi does has a measured approach, like a sculpturer… doing his or her sculptury-type-thing. We really ought to work on the grandiose rhetoric, but Audi can do no wrong because […]

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I want to tell you about Vitruvius, he was a Roman Architect from ancient times. He developed a philosophy on the principles of architecture, a simple set of rules governing the ideals of building design. He even wrote about it in a multi-volume treatise, De Architectura, published between 30 BC and 15 BC. The Vitruvius […]

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Being a highly successful motoring/formula 1 blog opens many doors and is a pathway to new opportunities. We have the privilege of access to exclusives purely based on name recognition, integrity, professionalism and top-quality journalism. Around the world, everyone has heard of the Daily Car Blog and this name recognition has A-List celebrities constantly knocking […]

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We’ll keep this one fairly simple. The Mini Country, first introduced in 2010 and now entering its second generation mid-cycle update is what it is. A mid-cycle-update, which means mid-cycle update type-things (top-quality journalism). The Mini Countryman is a classic oxymoron in that Mini is famed for making small city cars whereas the Countryman is, […]

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