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Typically for a British company, Aston Martin has decided to launch the convertible variant of the DB11 just as the UK enters hibernation, or as we call it Autumn/Winter. Typically for Aston Martin, the DB11 Volante is super stylish so job done on one aspect. If you are reading this from L.A. then the DB11 […]

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by , 12th Oct 17 12:17 pm

Many years ago, the wonderful minds on this planet created the car. Since then, billions of people have learned to drive, most of which own a car of their own. Unfortunately, many people abuse the privilege of driving and some even lose their license in the process. Here are 11 facts about driving that you […]

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by , 11th Oct 17 2:30 pm

Nissan marked 20 years of its involvement with the PlayStation gaming franchise, Gran Turismo, by converting a GT-R into a remotely operated vehicle. Uniquely the GT-R is controlled by a PlayStation 4 DualShock controller. Gran Turismo Academy graduate, Jann Mardenborough, put the remote-controlled GT-R under his thumbs, literally, around the Silverstone race circuit. This being a […]

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by , 11th Oct 17 12:37 pm

With a mandate from German quartermasters, BMW, to create more sales, Mini has been under pressure to perform. Rather Mini is under pressure to improve sales performance and if this does not happen Germany will line up its British employees against a wall and shoot them… a P45. With ideas thin on the ground it seems […]

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by , 10th Oct 17 2:35 pm

Driving is a privilege that we are given and not one that we are entitled to. Abusing the power of being able to drive will result in you gaining points on your license or even a driving ban. Saying that, driving is one of the most amazing experiences that someone can have because it gives […]

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