by , 25th Mar 20 11:12 am

This is the all-new, new looking, mid-size Kia Sorento. It’s slightly bigger, slightly longer than before and offers improved interior space and comfort. The underlying monocoque chassis now offers a stronger and stiffer body, meaning improved ride and handling. The 4th generation exterior styling is an evolution of what has gone before. The new interior […]

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by , 19th Mar 20 1:42 pm

Luxury technology is evolving rapidly across every sector and the automotive industry is no different. In fact, the car industry has been one of the most receptive sectors when it comes to introducing new technology. From the release of the very first car in January 1886 to modern-day, technology has seen our comfort levels and […]

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by , 10th Mar 20 3:32 pm

CBD is becoming more trendy by the day. This popular cannabinoid is known for its wide array of health and wellness benefits. Although the cannabis compound isn’t intoxicating, many individuals are concerned about the possible side effects, especially when it comes to being behind the wheel.  Whether or not it’s safe and legal to drive […]

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by , 18th Feb 20 10:48 am

There are some elements of car maintenance that should be left to the professionals. We’re not expecting you to walk before you can run. Car maintenance is the owner’s responsibility, though, and it will benefit you if you take the time to look after your vehicle. The inner workings and even the finish of the […]

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by , 12th Feb 20 11:17 am

Unlike real estate, stocks, and modern-day cars, a classic car is often a sound investment. If you buy it for an affordable price and intend to do it up, you may find that you’ve got an investment parked in your garage, rather than a liability.  However, getting from project to completion is a long and […]

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