by , 4th Dec 19 12:14 pm

Plucky Chinese owned British brand MG is walking fast-paced into the future with a plucky plug-in hybrid variant of the MG HS SUV. The ordinary MG HS starts from £17k for UK buyers and is available in 5 trim levels either with a 6-speed manual or automatic. UK buyers are currently limited to one engine, […]

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by , 25th Nov 19 11:07 am

Caldwell County, Νorth Carolina USA, it was just another armed robbery, just another gun-related crime occurring in realtime in the Dis-United States of Merica. That’s the justification Caldwell County Police used to explain why their Deputy Dumb Sheriff crashed into a used car lot. We don’t know what happened to the armed robbery in progress […]

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by , 15th Nov 19 10:25 am

All collectors of scale car models must have at least one Transformer in their collection. And while Transformers toys are OK a new generation of movie-accurate Transformer models have become available. These are not toys they are collectible figures with multiple points of articulation that enable your Transformer figure to strike a realistic pose. If […]

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by , 16th Oct 19 11:47 am

Not this specific Samsung mobile phone but possibly the next Galaxy or Note smartphone product launch. You see Samsung is rumored to be developing a “super battery”, one that relies on lithium-ion and graphene. Graphene is seen as a do-everything super material. Graphene’s molecular structure can be made to be 100 times stronger than steel […]

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by , 26th Jul 19 2:28 pm

Autonomous Robots technology is built around advanced algorithms so powerful they can out-think humans in real-time. That wasn’t the case just 10 years ago, but it has been the aim of computer scientists since the first days of the computer age. Now a new era of advanced robotics and real-time learning AI will usher in […]

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