by , 18th Jan 19 7:16 pm

The new owners of Lotus are planning to build a new production facility in China. Geely Holding Group has ambitions of increasing Lotus production volume. Therefore by proxy, Geely intends to introduce new Lotus models. The new models will almost certainly be SUVs and electric cars. The Lotus China production facility could essentially compliment Lotus’ current […]

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by , 17th Jan 19 3:04 pm

Usually, we start off any BMW article with a load of slurs. But the gods have told us we must be more positive, fair and balanced and… positive… about BMW. We’re not paid up members of the media who seek to gain access to BMW’s heartstrings and all the advantages that being so sycophantic brings. […]

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by , 15th Jan 19 9:04 pm

If you live in Europe and really want a 2020 Toyota Supra over the BMW Z4 then you will be in for a disappointment. Toyota has confirmed that the Supra will be made available in limited numbers, 900 units to be specific. The A90 launch edition will be limited to just 90 units, and as we know […]

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by , 9th Jan 19 3:41 pm

In the interests of fair and balanced coverage, we today feature a post about Nissan. This represents privileged access for we frequently are anti-Nissan. Not the cars, but… the lawyers have just informed me not to say anything else. Today we hold aloft a white flag, not of surrender or even peace. We do so out of […]

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by , 7th Jan 19 9:56 am

Nedahl Stelio of CarsGuide really likes the VW Polo. The Polo is a breadwinner for VW and it needs to tick all the boxes for potential buyers. The Polo is a supermini which has increased in size over the years. So it’s no longer small. The latter is due to the evolution of new technology and […]

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