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It doesn’t take a lot to cause a serious car accident. From sending a quick text to falling asleep behind the wheel, there are many mistakes that you can make resulting in a devastating wreck and life-changing consequences for you and other drivers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for accident victims to jeopardise their claims […]

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by , 5th Mar 19 10:18 am

Engineering Explained explains how cheap it is to run an electric car. Comparing an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV to a Tesla Model S Performance Engineering Explained YouTube man uses maths to breakdown ownership costs. The Giulia QV and Tesla Model S has similar performance, costs around the same and weighs the same, more or less. […]

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by , 11th Feb 19 5:09 pm

You would imagine that attaining regular and positive media coverage Jaguar Land Rover would be roaring into the sunset with a sales win-win. However, in many ways, the motoring press is a fantasy world. A positive review by a well-heeled motoring journalist doesn’t necessarily equate to more sales. Jaguar Land Rover is more complicated. And […]

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by , 1st Feb 19 10:03 am

All over the county of Yorkshire, you can find cars which are not in a roadworthy condition. All it would take is to be stopped by the authorities when driving in such a car to have points added to your licence or even a stronger penalty being imposed! Of course, around the Leeds conurbation, there […]

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by , 30th Jan 19 7:42 pm

These sketches provide the first glimpse of the new Skoda Kamiq. The Czech carmaker showcases a new design language of the forthcoming mini SUV. The front is defined by a wide, upright radiator grille, which comes with double slats. Sculpted lines of the bonnet are a typical feature for Skoda’s current design language. A highlight at the front is the new […]

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