by , 26th Feb 19 10:02 am

3As spring rolls around, many people start cleaning up their favorite spots they’ve been hanging out at all winter long. For me, that’s the couch, TV and that grungy remote. What may not spring to mind immediately, though, is your car. It’s definitely something you should do, especially considering all those coffee spills and hidden […]

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by , 16th Jan 19 10:00 am

Winter-proofing your car isn’t just a chore. In many places, its a necessity. Salt and other de-icing chemicals can damage the undercarriage of your vehicle — not to mention all the snow and ice that can wreak havoc. Here are some easy-to-follow tips and tricks to help you winter-proof your car this season. Replace Your […]

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by , 9th Oct 18 9:04 pm

The Mercedes company has been a mainstay in the luxury car industry for more than 130 years, and like many other manufacturers, they have finally started to change with the times. The automotive giant is set to release a new app designed to keep both you and your Mercedes safe while you’re on the road. […]

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by , 21st Aug 18 12:59 pm

The narrative we are trying to develop here on DCB is that BMW, a premium luxury brand, is making rubbish BMWs. We do not have any strategy or endgame our opinion is simply based on the evidence to hand, as the great Ben once said to us we should approach journalism with a critical analysis. […]

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by , 21st Aug 18 9:10 am

Some fantastic new cars are coming out next year, but when it comes right down to it, there’s nothing quite like climbing behind the wheel of a classic car. The only thing better than taking a classic car for a spin is having one of your own to drive whenever you want. But how can […]

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