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As a motorcyclist, you love cruising the open road and exploring new destinations. There are few places you’d rather be than on your bike. However, it’s important to think about safety while you enjoy the ride. With other vehicles and distracted drivers putting bikers at risk, every rider should take extra precautions to prevent accidents […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 11:43 am

We are sure the accredited motoring press will rubber stamp, green-light and wave the flag for the all-new BMW Z4. And it is happening before it’s even been released. And we are sure Chris Harris will (when he gets his hands on one) start off by questioning the existence of the BMW Z4 before ending his […]

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by , 10th Dec 18 10:51 pm

You know what? as a proud Anglo Saxon I have realised something about this website. Not the multiple awards we have won (ahem!). As they say, recognition is recognition folks, and we’ll scrape the bottom barrel of recognition if we have to. And no, it isn’t our personal greatness, nor is it our growing narcissism. It’s the […]

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by , 6th Dec 18 8:39 pm

Several factors can affect your ability to collect compensation for your injuries and losses after an accident. Even though there are no two cases that are similar, some common factors influence the amount of compensation you can presume to receive for your personal injury lawsuit. For this factor, here are five factors that could affect […]

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by , 5th Dec 18 11:18 am

So, you want to experience the life of luxury when commuting to work every morning? As you leave for the office every morning, you want your seat to massage you down the highway, you want the oak veneer dash to shine, and you want the latest Bluetooth connectivity to play your favourite tunes with perfect […]

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