by , 11th May 20 11:32 am

The world is a strange and beautiful place… wonderous and enchanting, imperialistic and democratic. Although one can argue democracy as we know it, as we want it to be is failing. But that is an argument for another day. What we do know is that whenever one equates democracy and imperialism we get the United […]

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by , 8th May 20 12:08 pm

Having driven a few supercars over the years, I can tell you that driving these powerful beasts is like an event, every time you step into the driver’s seat. From firing up the engine, hearing it growl into life and pulling away, even at crawl speed, is adrenaline-inducing, every god-dam time. It never gets boring. […]

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by , 30th Apr 20 11:04 am

McLaren is being forced to comply with a recall order issued by the NHTSA – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration – after the federal safety department identified 2,763 McLaren, supercars sold to American customers, are at risk of catching fire. McLaren fuel tanks are susceptible to microscopic corrosion which can release small amounts of fuel […]

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by , 23rd Apr 20 11:32 am

Daily Driven Exotics is on a mission from god, to buy a busted barn yard Ferrari, but not any Ferrari a busted bad-to-the-bone F430 Ferrari. The Canadian YouTubers head on over to a remote farm somewhere is jerk water Canada EH! The original sticker price was $187,000 when it was purchased in Texas brand new […]

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by , 28th Mar 20 2:51 pm

OK, OK, let’s take this data set with a pinch of salt. Data crowdsourced by more than 1,800 members of the Tesla enthusiast community has revealed the top 10 countries for Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders/reservations. Note, Tesla has not yet published official figures. So then. The United States of America has the largest Cybertruck pre-order base […]

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