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So you are just driving around on the Autobahn, somewhere in jerk-water Germany in your standard Porsche 918 Spyder when you are overtaken by a Koenigsegg Agera R. What do you do at this slight, this disrespect? If you are in the 918 you show who is the true boss. But the Porsche 918 struggles to keep […]

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This is the Hyundai G70, a compact executive saloon aimed at BMW 3 series and Audi A4s of the world. Destined for European retail in mid-2019, the G70 aims to take on the German dominance of the compact saloon market where rival Japanese brands have failed. For example, in Europe the Lexus IS and GS have […]

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If you’re planning to get a new vehicle, you need to consider your options when leasing a car! In this day and age, more people are favoring leasing as a superior approach to driving a car – as it can be surprisingly cost-efficient compared to financing a car. In case you have never considered leasing […]

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As the Audi R8 begins the process of being phased out, the Q8 is the company’s newest flagship luxury SUV that in effect will replace the R8. The Q8 is Audi’s answer to the BMW X6 coupe-type SUV launched over 10 years ago. So why has it taken Audi so long to make a direct […]

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Consumer Reports is an American publication, a non-profit organization featuring product testing, consumer research etc for the benefit of the consumer. It carries out truly independent research unbiased and unaffected by the pressure of big industry. So, for example, take Autocar, a British car review publication, in the UK it is seen as the industry standard for […]

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