by , 1st Oct 19 12:56 pm

Makers of expensive and luxury unreliable vehicles, Jaguar Land Rover, has decided to punish 13,000 employees by building an internment camp in the wilderness of Warwickshire, England. The re-education facility is restitution, corporal punishment after Jaguar Land Rover posted significant losses earlier this year. The re-education facility appears stylish and state-of-the-art but hides a brutal […]

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by , 24th Sep 19 1:20 pm

For any motoring journalist worth their opinion in gold the Audi S6 should be an instant qualifier into the hall of famed Audis. However, Carwow’s opinion is that the 2020 Audi S6 should be in the hall of shame. Although we disagree in the strongest terms we have a duty to report this heresy, grammatical […]

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by , 20th Sep 19 12:13 pm

Living the supercar dream Life of Riley isn’t the luxurious carefree existence you would imagine. Shmee150 owns a fleet of supercars his favorite most personal is the Aston Martin GT8, the last of the old school Aston Martins. Shmee1500 paid £200,000 for his GT8, he vlogged about the whole buying experience from start to completion. […]

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by , 11th Sep 19 9:06 am

Fresh from trolling Mat Watson and Carwow for the last few weeks we now turn our trolling skills to mega-successful Car Throttle, the online community for all tings automotive. And yes we did say “tings”. Car Throttle is a thriving online community that every car website wants to emulate. The website inspired the creation of […]

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by , 20th Aug 19 1:40 pm

These 7 car upgrades will get excited because it’s time to upgrade your car. Your car isn’t only your mode of transportation. Your car is like a member of the family. As you’re upgrading your car, you might be keeping the costs in mind but you also need to think about how it’s going to […]

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