by , 12th Jun 17 5:48 pm

With probably the longest banner headline we have ever created we want to draw your attention to this Lamborghini Centenario. Only 40 people will have the chance to buy the Aventador based Centenario which was created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founder of the raging bull, Ferruccio Lamborghini. At the heart of this magnificent […]

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by , 2nd Jun 17 10:48 am

OK so we substituted a few words to make the headlines more dramatic but our industry sources inform us that Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, did indeed invoke such words albeit privately. Musk is furious with Trump for withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord that is designed to unite the worlds 200 nations in reducing […]

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by , 30th May 17 1:22 pm

They refer to themselves as  “the worlds leading luxury goods provider” which is true to a certain extent except isn’t that what you call the makers of luxury handbags that are made from the skin of a near extinct species of animal? What the very British Rolls Royce have made is a work of art using […]

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by , 24th May 17 12:20 pm

The story of Lotus Cars ebbs and flows like a river running through a gorge. Lotus are renowned for their technical capabilities which are outsourced to automotive companies the world over. And of course Lotus have a rich F1 history with only Ferrari and McLaren standing above them in terms of championships won. In addition […]

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by , 22nd May 17 12:05 pm

Dusk is descending in Sayreville New Jersey and one motorcyclist has nowhere to go fast because he wants to get somewhere even quicker for no reason. Speeding and weaving through traffic on a so,so busy road isn’t doing himself or anyone else any favours. Inevitably it ends in unmitigated disaster as the motorcyclist mistimes an […]

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