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This is a rare chance to get into the inner workings and mind of Afzal Kahn, owner of Kahn Design, home to bespoke and modified vehicle creations. Kahn uses his creative initiative to take an ordinary Land Rover and turn it into aftermarket gold. Afzal Kahn isn’t necessarily interested in speed, it’s about the attention to detail […]

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So how do you go from selling dried fruit to real estate to manufacturing cars? Being the biggest conglomerate in Vietnam helps. The Vingroup was established in Ukraine in 1993 by a Vietnamese ex-pat. The company has now become Vietnam’s corporate juggernaut. From dried fruit to electronics the Vingroup has many toes in many pies, enough to have […]

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The guys over at Road & Track can’t decide whether the Toyota Corolla is an oddball that doesn’t have much of anything. Not a great way to start a review. But they go on to actually like the Corolla hot hatch, with the stick shift. We didn’t know Toyota did hot hatches anymore, but Road & Track do. […]

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Armed with nothing more than a handheld selfie camera and his personality MoVlogs has raced to over 6m YouTube subs. To one generation that doesn’t make any sense. To another generation, YouTube personalities are like movie stars. MoVlogs tests out non-other than the LamBROghini Urus SUV. Mo isn’t the most in-depth reviewer and that’s fine by us. […]

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a federal body that regulates the stock exchange and organizations within, has handed Elon Musk a $20m fine in addition to forcing him to relinquish the chairmanship of Tesla. Musk retains his rank as CEO. The settlement between Musk and the SEC stipulates that Musk has to step down from […]

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