by , 21st Apr 17 4:07 pm

Eventually you will see a Ford Mustang crash or oversteer violently due to the owners not really understanding how to specifically to drift. This particular example is prime evidence of our developing theory, it happened at a drift event Greenville Pickens Speedway and just east of Easley, South Carolina, US of A. From the the […]

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by , 19th Apr 17 9:34 pm

A bunch of friends in Washington State, Tacoma were having a  supercar Red Letter track testing  day when they got more than they bargained for. A pro driver was warming up a Ferrari 360, the track was wet and one thing you shouldn’t do is over cook it in the wet in a Ferrari 360. The […]

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by , 17th Apr 17 2:40 pm

We will inform the Birmingham UK Police, that Jaguar have committed a crime by installing a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine into the front bay of the Jaguar F-Type. Our evidence is supplied to us by Jaguar themselves who have provided the footage like a Jihadist filming a beheading in Syria. We don’t care about the performance stats, we […]

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by , 12th Apr 17 8:00 pm

Jaguar have fitted a 2.0-litre, four-cylinder turbo-charged engine into the F-Type and in doing so have diluted the brilliance that defines the V6 and V8 powered brothers. But it’s not as annoying as dealing with Jaguar Land Rover’s self serving, duplicitous, completely fake, Alt-right ‘high-five’ Press Fleet coordinator. If you ever manage to meet the Annie Wilkes of […]

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by , 7th Apr 17 12:15 pm

We don’t know what it is about the BMW brand, maybe it’s the rear wheel drive or maybe its the range of powerful engines, but this brand always seems to attract the detritus of the car owning world. It was worse years ago, owning a BMW was seen as a status symbol a symbol of […]

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