by , 19th Nov 19 10:10 am

Like Tesla YouTube woman is claiming to build the world’s first Tesla Pickup Truck. But it isn’t a Tesla Pickup Truck. It’s a Ford F150, gutted and ready to be fitted with a Tesla Model S EV powertrain. Like Tesla YouTube woman visits Seloc Electric Car Engineering (somewhere in jerk water USA) to see how […]

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by , 11th Oct 19 3:04 pm

Widely dubbed as the inventor of the Lithium-ion battery, Dr. John Goodenough talks about the future of battery technology. Even though he invented a battery that is powering modern-day electric cars, Dr. John Goodenough still believes lithium-ion batteries have too many disadvantages. Goodenough points out that Tesla has over 7,000 batterie cells. However, he also […]

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by , 18th Sep 19 11:59 am

The rise and fall of new car sales isn’t an uncommon occurrence and shouldn’t be alarming. No Business can ever expect to rely on unlimited exponential growth. It never happens, unless you happen to work in the private banking sector where it is common for corporations to miss-sell and fix the books. In Europe new […]

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by , 20th Aug 19 2:39 pm

We’re a bit worried for James May, DriveTribe’s Audience Aquitsition Director has found yet another way to drive more traffic to it’s YouTube channel. Simply feature more James May. But it seems Mr. Slowly is being force-fed a diet of red, red wine in a pub setting. May is a keen red, red wine connoisseur […]

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by , 31st Jul 19 10:54 am

Do you have a flat tire? have you ever had a flat tire? If you’re a frequent driver, then you’ve experienced a flat tire at some point or other. It is a truly unfortunate situation, and it can give you a sinking feeling. I remember a particularly stressful time when I had a flat tire, […]

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