by , 30th Apr 20 12:53 pm

When I read that Porsche is planning to launch a manual edition of the 911 I chocked on my morning Kopi Luwak coffee. I sat there on my Charla dining chair in my fabulously expensive, minimalist designer kitchen and turned to my private chef and said aloud, “HOW SO?”. As I digested my £800 pancake […]

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by , 15th Apr 20 1:33 pm

I really do believe senior executives at Jaguar Land Rover, (haw-haw) want to be the first in line to be rewarded with a Knighthood for acting responsibly during the Covid-19 Pandemic. But I feel it’s all an act on their part. When the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 had gone Pandemic on March 13 Jaguar […]

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by , 23rd Dec 19 9:28 pm

Hyundai’s continued silence over racist behavior from deranged Chelsea FC supporters is a fucking disgrace. Fuck Hyundai for their continued sponsorship of Chelsea FC, a football club that is far too often linked to far-right factions and racist soccer fans. Hyundai should walk away as their reputation is being continually eroded by doing nothing. By […]

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by , 5th Apr 19 4:26 pm

We really don’t know what the marketing and PR teams over at Hyundai UK are thinking. With Hyundai’s continued sponsorship/partnership of Chelsea FC the company is normalising fan racism and anti Semitism by not addressing the root causes or even making a public denouncement. They are meant to be targeting fans to sell more cars […]

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by , 3rd Feb 19 8:45 pm

Hello, it’s me again, Jeremiah Clarkson, long lost feuding relative of Jeremy Clarkson. Brexit is my brief today. However, many of you may be asking where have I been? Some believe, rather incorrectly, that I was shipwrecked on a tropical Island. But I have neither the means, motive nor the income to afford to buy […]

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