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There is nothing worse than that dreaded moment your car won’t start. It is a busy Monday morning. You have made breakfast for the family, you have gotten the children ready, you have sorted out your stuff for work, you have put together a packed lunch for your kids, you have sorted out the school […]

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by , 13th Nov 18 4:01 pm

Summer is over. Halloween is over. It’s now time for the festive period! While there’s a good chance that you’ve already started Christmas shopping for those closest to you, you may find yourself stuck on what you can buy for a motoring enthusiast in your life. Of course, it’s highly unlikely that you’ve got enough […]

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by , 13th Nov 18 11:00 am

Have you driven up to a gated residential community to be stopped by the same gate system you may see in a parking garage? Once at the gate, you had the option to either swipe a card or to call the individual you were visiting in order to access the property. Did you find yourself […]

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by , 12th Nov 18 4:04 pm

Replacing the factory-installed speakers in your car with aftermarket ones is an inventive idea that every passionate music lover adopts. In fact, this should fall among the first decisions you make to modify your car to suit your taste and preferences, right after the purchase. Car speakers can be costly, hence you need to obtain […]

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by , 11th Nov 18 7:33 pm

The breakdown of cars is undesirable, and often than not occurs during the worst of times. Getting the car back on the road is integral in reducing the downtime of your cherished vehicle. OBD2 scanners diagnose your car and thereafter pinpoint the problem beneath the hood. This serves to tell you as a car user […]

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