by , 9th Mar 18 1:15 pm

When Mercedes sneeze Aston Martin is sure to catch a cold or in this instance a case of the straight-six engine… flu. When Ford off-loaded Aston Martin to private equity shareholders Aston continued its use of German made Ford engines. That deal ended when Mercedes stepped in to buy a 5% shareholding in Aston Martin […]

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by , 9th Mar 18 9:49 am

Engineering Explained YouTube man tells you why you should never drive a brand new car… like a brand new car. So if you are waiting for your  brand new car to arrive, whether it is an Aston Martin or Daihatsu, then you are required to break-in the engine, brakes and tyres for the first 1,000 […]

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by , 26th Feb 18 12:38 pm

The Skoda Superb, is a near S Class sized car for the price of a bag of chips, relatively speaking, it’s Skoda’s flagship saloon/hatch offering and while it doesn’t offer S Class rivaling levels of premium luxury, rather, it’s a very well made, quality focused car. It’s sufficiently stylish on the outside and enormously practical […]

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by , 20th Feb 18 2:01 pm

The BMW M4, never liked the previous M class cars because I always felt they were overhyped by easily influenced self-important, pompous, industry backslapping motoring journalists. This attitude is especially refined when it comes to BMW, motoring journalists do their best to say how great every single BMW ever made is or was. Once you say […]

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by , 15th Feb 18 10:09 am

There is little denying that 2018 is the year of the hybrid car. As we are becoming more and more concerned with how our choices are impacting the environment, an increasing number of people are making the switch to hybrid vehicles. However, with a new type of vehicle comes new things to consider during the […]

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