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OK so we haven’t been updating much, we needed some quality time playing video games, the damn back spasms didn’t help either. Germany’s Nurburgring has seen it’s fair share of lap records, there doesn’t seem to be a week gone by that someone has set yet another Green Hell record. This time it’s the turn of […]

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by , 6th Jun 17 3:11 pm

Who in their right mind would pay £250,000 dollars for a Dodge Challenger SRT Demon? Someone on eBay thinks someone else is crazy enough to do so. An eBayer from Michigan, US of A, listed a 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon for $250k for real, why? The Demon SRT costs $84,000 dollars however becuase only […]

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If you are an automotive journalist fawning over the very British Rolls Royce Sweptail then shame on you. The reality is very British Rolls Royce likes to court influencers and load them up with events and tank them full… with champagne. Its true of every motoring manufacture and there is nothing wrong with buying out the […]

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There have been hundreds of muscle cars to hit the market. Companies like Corvette and Chevrolet have become very well-known for their performance motors. And, of course, Ford has been up there with them. And, it’s one of Ford’s offerings that makes this post possible. The Mustang Shelby GT350 is steeped in a rich history […]

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You may have heard about the Skoda Karoq already its the replacement for the Yeti. The Karoq is a more refined design – inside and out – than the distinctive and impossibly quirky looking Yeti. The Yeti is dead long live the Karoq. Skoda want to increase the number of cars it sells, more cars […]

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