by , 11th Dec 17 3:07 pm

Actually, we created the above headline for comedic effect, Richard Hammond, one part of the holy trinity that forms the Grand Tour, talks about crashing the £1m Rimac Concept One Electric Hypercar. Only eight Rimac Conept One’s were ever built, now only seven remain. The Concept One is a £1m 1,073hp hypercar, Hammond destroyed his loaned unit […]

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by , 7th Dec 17 1:54 pm

So this happened the other day, as you may or may not be aware, Lamborghini revealed the Urus SUV, the said name follows a tradition of using names from famous Spanish fighting bulls. Although it must be said all of the Bulls were eventually slaughtered and actually Urus is derived from the ancestor of modern domestic […]

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by , 1st Dec 17 11:41 am

Horsepower is a word which is thrown around a lot in the motoring industry. It is such a standard part of our daily conversations when it comes to cars that it is sometimes easy to forget the origins of the term. In the 1800’s, cars were not invented yet and instead people would travel around […]

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by , 28th Nov 17 1:29 pm

It’s boom time for Volvo at the moment, 7 years on from being unshackled from the global conspiracy that was life under Ford, Volvo has moved on, the memories of Ford are now totally vanquished for a new life under Chinese ownership. Whereas Ford looked over Volvo like a plantation owner constantly wiping his slaves […]

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by , 22nd Nov 17 7:28 pm

One of the best advantages of today’s technology is making your driving duties easier every day. While some aspects of driving a commercial vehicle seem to never age, trucks are getting new updates on more driver-friendly technology available on the market. With efficient GPS, load boards, self-driving technology and more – drivers can benefit by […]

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