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During the early 20th century the ‘glove-box’ was a compartment to keep your gloves in, a necessity during the infancy of automobiles. Cars were often uncovered meaning your hands could get quite chilly. Today, cars have evolved immensely, as have glove boxes, they are no longer just for gloves but for the motoring necessities of the […]

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Uptake of electric cars is set to drastically change the pollution levels in urban areas globally. The air quality will be more breathable and healthier for outdoor activities like walking and cycling. Without using diesel or petrol, vehicles will not be harmful to the environment in city areas. There will also be less damage to […]

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Driveways, Motorways, Minor Roads & Dual Carriageways In the Real World, things don’t always go to plan. Liberty Insurance gets that, that’s why they’re here to help when things get real. In the first of their Real World Blog series, we look at the measures you need to take in the unfortunate event of a […]

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In case you haven’t seen a Plymouth Prowler, either in a photo or in person, you know there’s a story behind it.  Automobile companies don’t make cars like this without a good reason.  But what is the story?  We wanted to know, so our investigative team (OK, that’s just me) looked into it and here’s […]

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Boasting wide open spaces surrounded by natural beauty, while all 23,625 miles of The National Highway System in Canada provides a more comfortable way to traverse this expansive country, particularly in your average saloon car, vehicle sales for the first quarter of 2018 would suggest that traveling off the beaten track is an important consideration. […]

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