by , 25th Apr 17 11:05 am

Remember Khyzyl Saleem? Let us remind you, he is a concept artist working within the games industry for EA, Ghost Games. In his spare time he likes to further hone his artistic skills by causally conceptualising yet another outlandish car inspired concept. This time Khyzyl has set his sights on the La Ferrari and this concept has […]

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by , 18th Apr 17 12:05 pm

YouTuber AdamC3046 filmed this crash the other day at what looked like a Morgan themed Cars & Coffee meetup. Now we dislike like these mass gatherings because we feel that cars should be driven and not used as some kind of achievement sticker that easily peels off the arm band after a few days. We’ll leave the explanation […]

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by , 13th Apr 17 9:21 pm

His name is Sam Moores and he is a kid… Who owns a Ferrari F40. If you don’t know what a Ferrari F40 is all about then lets say it kick started the supercar era when it was launched in the 1980’s. Every other supercar and hypercar since has some amount of F40 DNA sequenced into […]

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by , 7th Apr 17 1:20 pm

So, you’ve been involved in a collision and the car has taken some damage. You want to get back on the road, but you have to ask yourself if it’s entirely worth doing it in the same car. The truth is there are a lot of factors at play, but there are three options you […]

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by , 6th Apr 17 1:44 pm

Its Mo from Mo Vlogs part time London resident, part time Dubai resident. Mo has a popular YouTube channel and we have featured him on DCB a few times before. With over 3 million YT subs Mo is one of YT’s important channel partners in terms of ad revenue generation which in turn has enabled Mo […]

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