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Time is the enemy for all of us even inanimate non-sentient objects such as the Bentley Mulsanne. The Mulsanne moniker has graced the Bentley line up since the 1980s. With changing consumer tastes and tougher emissions regulations the age of the Mulsanne has drawn to an end. What a magnificent and elegant car it was,  […]

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Its a commonly held perception that the Chicxulub meteor that wiped out the Dinosaurs 66 million years ago did so instantaneously. However, scientific evidence reveals that the age of the dinosaur was slowly coming to an end way before the meteor exploded, due to climate and geological changes. Dinosaurs lived for 1 million years after […]

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Any vehicle that is a rear-wheel-drive type will have a propeller to move the car often many people aren’t really sure of the functions of a propeller shaft all the main symptoms of a failing propshaft. Main functions The prop shaft is what makes any vehicle move. It connects the rear differential to the engines […]

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Learning to drive is a huge milestone in life. While most qualified drivers will take to the wheel of many cars as their driving careers progress, many of us will always remember the car model that we passed our test in. The instructor car that you become familiar with while learning the ways of the […]

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Thousands of motorists who trim up their car for the festive season could be having a blue Christmas this year, according to new research. Many road users may already argue that decorating your car for Christmas should be a crime. But the research, from car experts at Zero Deposit Car Leasing, has revealed Xmas car […]

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