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Motoring has become progressively safer over the past few decades, but certain problems remain. According to new statistics reported in the Inquirer, US pedestrian road deaths are at their highest level since 1990, with an estimated 6,000 pedestrian casualties in 2018. While not all road fatalities are the responsibility of the driver, it’s responsible to be […]

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by , 12th Mar 19 12:02 pm

You need a small fortune behind you to buy a brand new car nowadays. That’s the main reason why more of us than ever are seeking alternative routes to car ownership. For some of us, this means opting for more affordable options like car financing. This allows us to get the newest vehicles for set […]

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by , 19th Feb 19 9:55 am

Yoda, his name is not Yoda. He is Michio Kaku. Michio Kaku is an American theoretical physicist and so-called populariser of science. One can say he is the closest America has to the late Stephen Hawkings. As a kid, he once built a mini power station in his back garden. This got him noticed by the scientific community. Yoda […]

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by , 5th Feb 19 7:23 pm

In the modern age of traffic holdups, long commutes, and over-congested roads, it can be easy to forget just how fun driving can be. But there are ways of putting the fun back in driving, making your daily commute more bearable, and making your time spent in the car a more pleasurable experience. These are […]

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by , 31st Jan 19 10:54 am

Very few are fortunate enough to buy and own a Lamborghini. After all, Lamborghinis are made in limited numbers. As such they are expensive and demand always outstrips supply. These are handmade, high-performance luxury supercars engineered for one purpose. Speed. Beyond that lies another paradox. Can a Lamborghini, an otherwise inanimate object, be considered a sentient […]

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