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Buying a used van? When considering buying any kind of vehicle there are a few things to consider. When it comes to buying a second-hand vehicle things can get even trickier. After all buying any kind of vehicle can be a daunting process that can leave you feeling more than a little bit confused. We’ve […]

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Though no one ever wants to get into an accident, the likelihood of being one is often common. Motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of death for drivers aged 16 to 24 and any average American’s chance of being in a car accident is one in 77 people. With a population of 327 […]

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One day people may well ask the same question about the Daily Car Blog, who are they and what happened to them? is Daily Car Blog content created by AI Bots based in Russia? But who is Louis Karsenbarg? more to the point where is Louis Karsenbarg? We don’t know but he was and still […]

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DO you need a Fuel Card? If you have an operational fleet of vehicles for your business venture, then a fuel card is the best option for you. With an operational fleet the fuel consumption is enormous and so is the expenditure on the fuel. A vehicle fuel card is like a credit card solely […]

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Selling Your Car? No matter if you’ve worked hard to preserve the value of your car or you are just looking to get some cash for a vehicle that has treated you well over the years, selling your car yourself is a big undertaking. Some people assume that selling a car is as easy as […]

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