by , 21st Aug 17 2:08 pm

So, hold it, who is Ken Okuyama? A renowned Japanese industrial designer who worked a legendary auto Italian design studio, Pininfarina, and who also designed the Porsche 996. Yes, the one with the fried egg-shaped headlights. Ken also supervised the design of the Ferrari Enzo and has also had a spell at General Motors. The master […]

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by , 18th Aug 17 12:48 pm

OK, so we said we would never again feature a post on Nurburgring, as you know the track is open to the fee-paying public. What happens when you mix amateur drivers with a proper race/road track? Your guess is as good as mine. We only featured this video because it was filmed in super smooth […]

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by , 3rd Aug 17 4:49 pm

There is no doubt that modern cars are far, far better built than they were 10 years ago and they are superior in every way to cars built over the last 40 years, from a technical and mechanical perspective, more efficient and more reliable. Over 40 years ago Mercedes Benz used to do proper luxury […]

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by , 26th Jul 17 10:00 am

You will be hard-pressed to think of a more stressful situation as a driver than being stuck in traffic. Fortunately, the motoring world appears to share this concern, as evident by the technology that is being designed and launched, to try and combat moments of gridlock on the nation’s roads. To get a glimpse into […]

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by , 21st Jul 17 12:26 pm

Yes, it is or rather it’s a teaser shot of the all new very British Rolls Royce Phantom (VIII) to coincide with an Exhibition of “The Great Eight Phantoms” to be held at Bonhams in Mayfair, London on July 27 where very British Rolls Royce is also expected to  officially reveal the all new Phantom […]

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