by , 19th Dec 18 3:35 pm

We still reckon the Mercedes Benz GLE is the best Korean SUV you can buy right now. OK, that sounds stupid… because it’s true. Which still sounds stupid. Our collective belief here at DCB is that the Benz GLE looks an SUV designed in China for a little yet known Korean automotive startup company. Nothing wrong […]

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by , 17th Dec 18 1:05 pm

We always say if you are interested in buying a Renault then be warned. Always buy with caution. That’s our collective experience here at DCB. We have always said the company will cut costs with every component down to the smallest nuts. Or the turbos are always prone to blowing. That is our top quality car […]

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by , 11th Dec 18 3:16 pm

Let’s face it, if you want a pickup truck hen you have to go American. The American pickup truck philosophy appears to be simple. Massive. Massive vehicle with massive engine. No Eco-boost 2.0-litre nonsense. It’s good old fashion V8 power. And probably diesel. Even the recently announced Rivian Pickup truck is massive in size and massive in power. We’ll have […]

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by , 30th Nov 18 4:10 pm

The arrest and detention of Carlos Ghosn over corporate corruption is similar to fracking. The pressure had been building for years before the earthquake news shook the world of one of the most celebrated automotive CEOs in recent times. Key figureheads of the Nissan Mitsubishi Renault Alliance met on Thursday at their Amsterdam HQ. The meeting was convened to determine who should replace […]

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by , 21st Nov 18 11:22 am

Don’t be fooled by the name: The MSO 720S Stealth Theme from McLaren Special Operations will ensure that one McLaren 720S owner stands out from the crowd even more than usual, in a striking car produced as a bespoke order for McLaren retailer, McLaren London. The McLaren 720S can be ordered as standard in one […]

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