by , 4th Jul 18 11:03 am

The amount of times I have seen idiot drivers like Peter Goodfellow is too many to remember. Using a Mercedes C Class Coupe as a weapon, Goodfellow can be seen undertaking at speed and overtaking with arrogance as if he owns the entire motorway and therefore has a right to drive stupidly. This time it ended […]

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by , 2nd Jul 18 3:54 pm

This is the Hyundai Kona Electric, as the name suggests it’s Hyundai’s all-electric something-SUV. Its available in two power variants, 39 kWh (135PS) and 64 kWh (204PS) and four trim levels. Prices start from £29k for entry-level models and up to £36k for the more powerful, higher spec models. The Hyundai Kona Electric is offered in two power guises, […]

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by , 28th Jun 18 1:59 pm

A Stick welder are a great thing to have in your toolshed if you do some more complicated maintenance on your car or motorcycle fairly regularly. They are easy and fun to use, and they get the job done. If you are on the lookout for a new stick welder, you’ll find that there are […]

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by , 25th Jun 18 10:40 am

I don’t know why my fellow Anglo Saxons hailing from the America dress like neo-Nazis, what, with their T-shirts, Snapbacks, Oakley wrap-around sunglasses, neatly trimmed beards but this is what it is. This is America 2018. Thankfully1230video isn’t a spin-off neo-nazi channel its just a bunch of guys hollering around jerk-water USA and pulling off burnouts. Stunts that […]

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by , 12th Jun 18 10:24 am

It’s E3 2018 and that means a bunch of games being revealed seemingly all at the same time, somewhere in between all of that digital noise is Forza Horizon 4, an open world driving sim/arcade where virtual reality is reality and where dreams really do come true thanks to the intervention of 3D CGI rendered in almost, […]

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