by , 16th May 18 1:15 pm

We are staunch supporters of the diesel-powered car, getting many more miles over a petrol equivalent seems like magic, like a scientific miracle. After watching this video from Hubbub, an eco-mental-hippy-type non-profit organization we are now convinced that diesel cars shouldn’t be phased out but that moves should be made to ban sales of all […]

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by , 11th May 18 11:33 am

It’s here, it’s finally here the Cullinan SUV and it certainly makes a huge impact, literally huge. So, we don’t have to go into great detail about the Cullinan we are sure you, the reader, have an idea of what an SUV does and how it works and who buys what is an ultra-luxury crossover […]

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by , 8th May 18 2:06 pm

We can’t be sure how rich Shmee150 really is, and it doesn’t matter if he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth or if he bootstrapped his way up to becoming a YouTube superbrand. From our extensive investigative work we have discovered that Shmee150 left school at 18, set up an online retail […]

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by , 1st May 18 10:26 am

The original LS cost just over £36k when it was first launched in 1990, back then it out-Merc-ed the S Class. Jump forward to 2018 and the LS has evolved, hybrid technology, active senors, and touchscreen infotainment systems, digital technology. The base Lexus costs $85k various optional extras boosts the price up to that $120k marker. […]

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by , 27th Apr 18 1:37 pm

The new Mercedes E Class AMG E 53 4Matic is a ridiculously long name for a car coined by too clever for their own good, marketing people that unintentionally disgusies what is a very interesting car. Most people will only say “wow that’s really fast” and for the most part they are correct. However, the interest […]

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