by , 19th May 17 3:39 pm

We don’t don’t flag wave, we don’t do nationalism or socialism and we here at DCB Towers certainly don’t vote and no we do not watch Fox News. We don’t beat the drums of national pride and hell we don’t do false patriotism or even real patriotism. What is it that makes and defines a country? America […]

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by , 15th May 17 4:48 pm

Looks like the Russians are going after Rolls Royce, or rather a member of the ‘Tribe’ has just configured a very British Rolls Royce Wraith with the most hideous colour combo imaginable. Using pink as an accent colour and combining it with a aqua-green secondary tone for the exterior and Banana yellow for the inside the Wraith as […]

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by , 17th Apr 17 4:40 pm

China is a communist country that has adopted capitalism but has never relinquished its autocratic one party ruling doctrine. That’s how China roles these days. Back in the early days of communism proper China, at times, could barley feed its own population the ”peoples party” had to rely on Russia for financial aid. These days China is a rapidly […]

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by , 7th Apr 17 10:16 am

We’re not great fans of after market mods we do prefer stock cars over customisation, but done well and the results can be better than standard production spec cars. Liberty Walk are ( if you don’t already know) a well known Japanese tuning company that produce upgrade parts mainly for supercars. Its a niche market and […]

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by , 6th Apr 17 12:30 am

We’re not entirely sold on the styling of the DB11 so far, but we have seen it in-person and not through the distorted viewpoint of a camera lens and must admit it looks better when viewed with the naked human eye. What we’re trying to say is the DB11 doesn’t photograph well, like when you […]

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