by , 17th Sep 18 9:41 pm

In the interests of fair and balanced coverage, we are forced, at gunpoint, to eat things that would make a billy-goat puke. The eating, in this case, is metaphorically eating our own words. Though we dislike Renault, which is like a quality version of the Happy Shopper brand, we have to pay some form of tribute […]

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by , 12th Sep 18 12:02 pm

Aston Martin has today confirmed a raft of technical details for the strictly limited 155-unit special edition, the Aston Martin Rapide E. The Rapide E will mark Aston Martin’s first venture into making an all-electric production car. The company is working closely with Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) as its development partner. The Aston Martin Rapide E […]

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by , 10th Sep 18 12:24 pm

When Elon Musk smoked marijuana during an interview on the Joe Rogan podcast Tesla share prices plummeted by 6-percent. CEO’s are meant to be the bell weather of an organization so video footage of Elon Musk smoking ‘weed’ during a live podcast sent the markets into meltdown. The stock market is based on confidence. For a CEO like Elon […]

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by , 8th Sep 18 8:58 pm

The days of uncertainty involving the usefulness of electric cars / vehicles for transportation are over. They are everywhere now and for good reason. Let’s start with the fact that electric vehicles are cheap in the long run and their operation is emission-free. Attributes like these are just some of the reasons that the demand […]

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by , 6th Sep 18 10:47 am

I know, we said we would never again feature a crash from ‘the ring’ because it’s becoming too repetitive. The narrative usually goes like this. Crash, comment… NEXT! So that’s why we decided to retire from Nurburgring crash updates. We’re done with it, or so we thought. However, like Jupiter’s super gravity ‘the ring’ keeps […]

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