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Whenever you visit the US of A and you happen to be from a non-white background then the likely hood is that you will be considered a threat to national security. Therefore the chances of you being shot dead are very high, shot dead because Americans are afraid of everything, especially terrorists. And M&Ms. For the Anglo-Saxon […]

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by , 13th Dec 17 12:30 pm

So you’ve passed your driving test, congratulations! Your next step is to choose your first car. When choosing your first car, your choice will be affected by budget, insurance and how easy the car is to drive. Everyone remembers their first car, so making those memories positive rather than negative is crucial. It’s not just […]

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by , 7th Dec 17 3:38 pm

He is the only teammate to beat Lewis Hamilton to a world title campaign during a competitive season in F1, albeit within one team. Soon after Nico Rosberg retired after securing hsi F1 championship in 2016, the toll of competing against Lewis Hamilton was only sustainable for one year and he drew his fair share […]

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by , 4th Dec 17 12:51 pm

OK, so you may have seen this already, the new third-generation CLS was revealed last week. It appears that Mercedes have reversed the styling direction of the bloated second-generation CLS in favor of an evolution of the 2003 first-generation model. Confused? you might well be but the results speak for themselves, the new CLS is […]

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by , 30th Nov 17 5:37 pm

We’re not sure whats new about the BMW i8 Coupe, it’s a mid-life crisis update, so we’ll skip that one and focus instead on the i8 Roadster. BMW decided to reveal the i8 Roadster just as the UK is descending into the cold wrath of winter. The real market for this car is sunnier climes of L.A […]

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