by , 15th Nov 19 12:13 pm

The headlines make no sense… unless you know about Skoda’s current product offering. Indeed the headlines probably make no sense if you hail from America. America… the land of the free? Anyway, the Skoda Octavia is in the next phase of an all-new generation reboot, it’s like a Mission Impossible movie starring Robbie Williams in […]

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by , 18th Jul 19 11:12 am

Kudos to the Drivetribe audience acquisition director, no longer do they have to buy YouTube audience to boost video views. The secret was already there, Clarkson, Hammond, and May. A video fronted by James May is guaranteed to get a minimum 500k views in just a couple of days. Top YouTubers and advertisers kill for […]

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by , 16th Jul 19 11:52 am

The world and infinitely famous YouTuber, Supercar Blondie, which isn’t in any way sexist or misogynistic takes the Peugeot E Legend Concept for a spin. It’s always to great to see an actual concept car fully functional. Concept cars are more often than not static display vehicles. The value of a concept vehicle is to […]

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by , 12th Jul 19 8:35 pm

According to automobile industry experts, cars lose around one-fifth of their values as soon as they are bought, which means that the spanking new car that you bought for $35,000 will have lost $7,000 by the time you reach home after a short drive from the dealer showroom. If this was not alarming enough, just […]

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by , 10th Jun 19 4:42 pm

It seems the days of rowdy sober Americans gathering around an open fire in the country hills, eating freshly hunted roasted deer will soon be replaced by vegan eating hippies with guitars measuring the health local bird population. That contradictory vision of America doesn’t exist as of yet. What is, or rather what will be […]

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