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Delivery drivers deliver goods or products either on demand or routes. Basically, they bring good things. To clarify this, take time and try to remember when a delivery driver brought you bad news. For instance, if you order a pizza you don’t expect the delivery driver to inform you otherwise, instead, he will bring you […]

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by , 5th Nov 18 10:59 am

We must admit we don’t know who Bob Flavin is. That is how little time we spend with fellow motoring journalists. He works for, the Dailystar, he his a freelance motoring hack. Nothing wrong with that. Gotta-make-a-livin‘. Bob reviews the Skoda Karoq, a compact SUV. His YouTube channel has 30k subscribers and earns $49 […]

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by , 31st Oct 18 1:21 pm

Mazda has been hit with a slump in global demand. A number of factors are behind the dramatic fall in sales. Suspended production and risible foreign exchange rates are some of the pinch points. Mazda has also been revamping it’s US dealership network, the combination of all these factors has led to a perfect if rather […]

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by , 30th Oct 18 10:25 am

We’re so used to reading about modified cars having a ridiculous amount of horsepower, it’s become the norm. That ordinary looking 20-year-old VW Golf with 900bhp. No aero to cope with the extra speed and forces that 900bhp exerts, but it makes for good headlines. But we are actually interested in the F150 Hoonitruck, built by none […]

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by , 26th Oct 18 4:31 pm

While manufacturers are great at enticing us to buy their cars and are proficient at delivering us the best bits of the model, they are a little more reluctant to offer out information regarding the cost of repair and maintenance. Discovering this information for yourself can be difficult, so here is a guide to instruct […]

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