by , 5th Nov 19 2:11 pm

The Formula One 2021 season is all set for sweeping technical and regulatory changes. The fact that all teams are in agreement is as much of a surprise as are some of the changes being introduced. While the technical regulations are detailed and well-thought-out the biggest change is the introduction of a cost cap. It […]

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by , 4th Nov 19 11:39 am

For most of us, the future is never written, it has to be made. For others, the future seems to have been charted before it began, though the journey is never clear. Lewis Hamilton’s final destination in Formula One has yet to be written. But he did manage to get the trophy engraver to write […]

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by , 1st Nov 19 3:18 pm

To begin with, Lewis Hamilton did not explicitly urge Red Bull not to shit on Alex Albon, nor did he imply it. Hamilton did urge Red Bull Racing to give Albon as much support as possible. Red Bull Racing is notoriously impatient with drivers who do not quickly deliver nor consistently meet the team’s high […]

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by , 31st Oct 19 11:44 am

At 22 years of age, Mad Max Verstappen is a veteran Formula One driver having entered the sport as a 17-year-old. He has won 7 races and has enough more than enough experience for someone of his age group competing in Formula One. And he competes at the very top. Max Verstappen is arguably the […]

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by , 28th Oct 19 11:02 am

Lewis Hamilton is slowly homing in on a sixth world championship title, but he had to work for victory at the 2019 Mexico Grand Prix. The Mercedes were not the quickest cars throughout the weekend but Sunday is when the points are won and lost. But it looked over from the start for Hamilton. Starting […]

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