by , 15th Feb 19 1:57 pm

While you were probably worrying enough about your teenager, to begin with, it doesn’t get much better when they’re old enough to drive a car. Now they won’t just be hanging out with their friends who knows where but they’ll be cruising around with them all over town – and it’s not exactly the most […]

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by , 15th Feb 19 1:35 pm

With Ferrari launching their 2019 F1 spec car today, we take a look at the McLaren MCL34, launched yesterday. The McLaren MCL34 is given a detailed overview by Autosport YouTube man Jake Boxall-Legge. Boxall-Legge holds an MSC degree in Motorsports Engineering from Oxford Brookes University. So we have an expert mind to give the McLaren […]

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by , 12th Feb 19 3:05 pm

The market for private number plates is on the rise with more and more people wanting their own personalised plate. The thing that makes them so special is their uniqueness, only one of each combination can be made and therefore the demand for popular number plates is ever increasing, with the highest selling plate going […]

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by , 12th Feb 19 11:42 am

AutoGuide nerd, who looks like a school shooter in the making, tells us that the struggling Lincoln company is back on the map with the new Navigator. This video review is possibly an example of a motoring journalist being drafted in to say positive things about the Lincoln brand. The theory being is that if […]

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by , 12th Feb 19 11:05 am

OK, so the 2019 F1 launch “season” is upon us. Three teams have revealed the look of their 2019 challengers. It’s a time to announce new sponsorships and a chance to introduce new driver pairings. The cars you see at launch will not be the same cars that show up to the first race of […]

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