by , 12th Dec 18 9:25 pm

Oh for goodness sake Harris, BMW M2, sideways. We know you have superior car control but can you please drive the car properly on circuit so we can see how the car behaves. So we can see the change of direction at low to mid speed and we don’t have look through a cloud of […]

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by , 8th Dec 18 5:45 pm

The 2018 Formula 1 season is no more, long live F1 2018 and all hail Formula 1 2019. Although it isn’t 2019 just yet. The first F1 race of 2019 is scheduled for March 17 and as usual, Australia will play host to the opening race of which there will be 21. Abu Dhabi will mark the last […]

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by , 3rd Dec 18 12:09 pm

Red Bull F1, puppet masters of Torro Rosso, gave Brendon Hartley a final bitch slap of a half-hearted thank you for his contribution to Torro Rosso. Brendon Hartley is an example of a driver who was chewed up and spat out by the company’s driver system. That Red Bull, vis-a-vie, Torro Rosso management replaced him with […]

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by , 27th Nov 18 11:08 am

Red Bull, the puppet masters of Torro Rosso, have finally shafted and shifted Brendon Hartley out of Torro Rosso and therefore out of Formula One. Brendon Hartley had inadvertently become an F1 squatter. Torro Rosso vis-a-vie Red Bull wanted to get rid of the New Zealander only three races into the 2018 F1 season. Hartley was outscored […]

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by , 22nd Nov 18 11:32 am

It wasn’t his desire to stay out of Formula 1 for eight years but now Robert Kubica is back after signing a deal to race for Willimas F1 in 2019. His absence was due to an accident he suffered while participating in a Rally event in 2011. Kubica, who was signed to the then Lotus […]

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