by , 7th Aug 17 12:05 pm

The likely hood of Lewis Hamilton reading this blog is about as probable as our two daily readers (next door neighbors cat and the stray dog) becoming astronauts. But Lewis if you are reading this we have some advice, don’t repeat the mistake of Hungary ever again. Don’t appease your peers ( notably Sir Jerk […]

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by , 18th Jul 17 11:05 am

In the world of Formula One money talks and teams are prepared to buy their way to success, the best drivers on the grid can easily command $30m per season. Max Verstappen is one such driver being primed for future world championship glory and the money is beginning to do the talking. However, he is contracted to […]

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by , 11th Jul 17 8:24 pm

Bernie Ecclestone was right all along about Silverstone not the track but about the BRDC, the British Racing Drivers Club owners of the legendary circuit and perhaps the very guardians who will lead it to a demise as a host for future F1 races. The problem with Silverstone has always been the BRDC, this club is like […]

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by , 3rd Jul 17 3:20 pm

Sir Jackie Stewart has accused Lewis Hamilton of “provoking” Sebastian Vettel during their infamous clash in Baku when the race was placed under one of the many safety car periods. During an interview with, where he was fawned over and never challenged, Stewart again accused Hamilton of deliberately slowing and even “brushing” the brakes to […]

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by , 26th Jun 17 1:50 pm

A fantastic and chaotic race at the Azerbaijan GP was overshadowed by a racing incident during a safety car period involving Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. As for the race Hamilton was on course to win but a loose headrest forced the Mercedes driver to pit which dropped him down the order. Vettel picked up a […]

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