by , 19th Feb 20 5:01 pm

How much should you spend on your first car? Are you ready to buy your first car, but aren’t sure how much money you should spend on it? Figuring out how much money you should put toward a new car isn’t a one size fits all thing, and we are going to help you figure out […]

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by , 13th Feb 20 12:37 pm

For us here at DCB HQ Audi can do no wrong. However, there are times when they do get it wrong. Thankfully Audi getting it wrong is a rare occurrence. However this new ‘Let it Go’ Audi e-Tron advert is a little cringeworthy. The title song featured in this ad is borrowed from the animated […]

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by , 11th Feb 20 9:23 pm

Many major car manufacturers have invested in their electric vehicle production. The fact that there’s a bit more choice on the market might have you considering whether it’s time to buy. Combined with the increase in petrol prices and the impact on the environment, more people than ever are looking to go electric. Popular models […]

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by , 21st Jan 20 3:56 pm

Are you trying to figure out whether you need to upgrade your car? Read this article to learn about cold air intake benefits. In case you didn’t already know, cars aren’t exactly engineered as efficiently as they could be. That’s why there are a lot of aftermarket parts available to turn your ride into the […]

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by , 8th Jan 20 11:13 am

Aston Martin is in a world of economic strife at the moment, mostly of its own making. I mean when the company board rewards itself with a near $100 million USD pay package for simply being the company board and then declaring a profit warning you have asked how the company is being managed at […]

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