by , 24th Jun 19 11:51 am

The ABT VW Amarok is a Pickup Truck that appeals to German USA loving sensibilities. The Germans have longed for the American way of life even though they fail to openly admit it. You may have seen those Germans who wear the Stetsons, Durango Gamblers and who live in log cabin homesteads. In the Centre […]

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by , 14th Jun 19 9:39 pm

When it comes to choosing a car, we often get sidetracked by the style, specifications, and all-around feel of the vehicle. But actually, this might not be the best approach that we can take. Once the novelty of owning the vehicle we were, for whatever reason, drawn to wears off, we might find that the […]

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by , 30th May 19 10:12 pm

I can not think of any plugin hybrid electric supercars but I can now because Ferrari has just revealed the SF90 Stradale. But it isn’t a mere supercar for it is a plugin hybrid hypercar, the most powerful Ferrari ever road car to date. The SF90 Stradale is more Powerful even than the £1m LaFerrari […]

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by , 20th May 19 10:52 am

In a rare interview, Abbie Eaton reveals she likes tourst. Well, actually its a reference to the bizarre first meeting she had with Clarkson. Eaton is from the North of England. Likes bread and eats real butter. People from the of North of England have their own unique accent and certain words are expressed differently […]

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by , 25th Apr 19 11:16 am

Electric vehicle developer Rivian is seen by many as a start-up venture, it isn’t because it was founded 10 years ago. Back in 2009 electric cars were not taken seriously, Elon Musk was seen as a here-today-gone-tomorrow news story and the future was either diesel or petrol. That’s all changed, over the last three years […]

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