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Do you have an unwanted car unnecessarily taking up valuable real estate? Even though you probably have some cherished memories attached to this car, it’s time to scrap it. Whether your car is in a decent, running condition or doesn’t function at all, it’s still worth something. A reliable car wrecker can make the job easier […]

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Being stuck in any sort of boring car journey that you just can’t be bothered to be on, is torture. It could be the ten-minute commute to work that turns into half an hour because of the traffic, or it could be that long car journey you have to make to go and see your […]

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Tesla YouTuber, Bjorn Nyland, has slammed the worldwide profession of Motoring Journalists saying they are “clueless” on the subject of electric vehicles. Nyland busts a few myths when it comes to the differences between charging an electric vehicle compared to refueling a gas-powered car. The issue we have with electric cars is the time it […]

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As we return from our holidays we got news of yet another Mercedes AMG variant. Mercedes have updated the 2019 GLE Coupe, it’s a derivative of the GLE SUV with a coupe bodystyle look. So the bog-standard GLE gets new exterior styling updates. New front and rear bumpers, new front and rear headlights. You won’t […]

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An RV can take you to your dream places and help you create memories. Nevertheless, not everything about RV-ing is pretty. Handling the waste on your RV is not enjoyable, but it is necessary. You have to maintain and empty the septic system regularly, or else you will not enjoy your adventure. Whether you want […]

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