by , 8th Nov 19 4:48 pm

Aston Martin has faced and overcome many uncertainties over the course of its history. However, and not for the first time, Aston Martin is facing yet another period of uncertainty. The British supercar maker revealed a $17.4 million loss in the three months to the end of September. Vehicle sales have dropped by 16 percent […]

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by , 7th Nov 19 3:20 pm

Yesterday Mitsubish slashed its annual profit forecast by over 50-percent. A strong Yen and a decrease in volume sales in key territories underscores a challenging time for the “raised from the dead” Japanese auto brand. In 2016 Mitsubishi faced a near-death experience when partner Nissan discovered Mitsubishi had been lying about fuel economy figures. The […]

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by , 18th Oct 19 12:18 pm

Mechanic and part-time YouTuber, Car Wizard, warns on the perils of buying a cheap luxury car. Sure a 25-year-old Jaguar that once cost the equivalent of $80,000 new in today’s money has come down to an affordable $2,000, in today’s money. That’s a hell of a bargain to own and to sit behind the wheel […]

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by , 17th Oct 19 2:14 pm

Beware of the car salesman scam. Scotty Kilmer gives a breakdown and insight into how not to get caught out by either used or new car dealerships. Car dealerships will try to entice you into parting with a lot of money you may not necessarily have. While most dealerships play a fairly straightforward game, Scotty’s […]

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by , 15th Oct 19 2:03 pm

Do you have an unwanted car unnecessarily taking up valuable real estate? Even though you probably have some cherished memories attached to this car, it’s time to scrap it. Whether your car is in a decent, running condition or doesn’t function at all, it’s still worth something. A reliable car wrecker can make the job easier […]

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