by , 14th Aug 19 11:11 am

Shmee150 meets Alex Choi, the most boring YouTuber on the planet. Shmee150 is on “holiday” at the moment, but it’s more like a working holiday because YouTube never sleeps. And of course, Shmee150 has to feed his channel with a constant supply of video uploads.  Shmee150 meets Alex Choi while on holiday and of course […]

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by , 8th Aug 19 4:23 pm

It seems the problem with Alfa Romeo is Alfa Romeo, people just aren’t into the brand. For the first six months of 2019 the Italian auto brand recorded a 42 percent slump in sales compared to 2018. The Fiat Chrysler premium brand was outsold by Tesla in the same period. Alfa’s sister brand (Lancia) even […]

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by , 30th Jul 19 11:21 am

It appears as though VW is planning for a no-deal Brexit and the Arteon SE is the entry-level model proof. The Arteon SE will start at a not too unreasonable £33,000 GBP (Great Brexit Pounds). This is a classic product/price positioning strategy that will appeal to zealots and bigots who desire unwanted peoples to “go […]

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by , 24th Jul 19 11:52 am

The Electric MG ZS EV looks set to be the first truly affordable, family-friendly fully electric MG SUV. The Electric MG ZS EV brings EV technology to a wider audience than ever before. ZS EV combines the spacious and practical design of the original ICE powered ZS with a clean, efficient and electric powertrain. The […]

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by , 22nd Jul 19 1:13 pm

We’re digging the styling of the new 2020 Corvette C8, at first, it was WTF!? However, the side intakes instantly gave away the rear mid-engine layout. Since it was first introduced 66 years ago the Corvette has always used the front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout. The Corvette C8 rips up the old rule book and in doing […]

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