by , 23rd Oct 19 4:38 pm

Lexus is joining the flock of electric car birds (if that makes any sense). No… Lexus is joining the electric car congregation, praying for new hope as it gets on its knees to sing to the Lord, to the Lord of electricity. In normal terminology, it simply means Lexus is preparing to unveil its very […]

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by , 17th Oct 19 11:15 am

Simone from reviewed and liked the Hyundai Tucson so much she decided to buy one. With her own money. Don’t feel sorry for her, don’t pity her but pray for her. Simone points out the 2019 updates to the exterior have sharpened up the Tuscon’s styling. At this point, my face is in my […]

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by , 16th Oct 19 3:45 pm

We said the Dyson electric car was either going to be an expensive waste of time or just a waste of time. We couldn’t understand how James Dyson could propose to build an electric car from scratch in just 4 years. Even if you factor in advancements in software design, rapid prototyping etc developing an […]

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by , 14th Oct 19 1:04 pm

Obviously, it’s an electric car… a compact, some would argue, a micro-electric car for the city. Uniti One is a Swedish automotive startup company developing a pure-electric car for the city. The company was founded by Lewis Horne in 2016, it initially began as a university project that subsequently raised equity via a crowdfunding platform. […]

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by , 4th Oct 19 11:11 am

Polestar, the Volvo electric car spin-off, has announced the European pricing for the not as good as a Tesla Model 3… Polestar 2. That’s not our opinion, it is the stated opinion of Polestar boss Jonathan Goodman, admittedly with a bit of paraphrasing on our part. Goodman said that the Polestar 2 will “make a […]

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