by , 24th May 19 11:54 am

With a 20-year production run, Audi has decided to kill off the Audi TT coupe citing a steady decline in sales. It’s a pragmatic approach to a problem affecting the sports coupe market as a whole. People are simply not buying as many sports coupes as they once did. SUVs are now the king, they […]

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by , 20th May 19 11:39 am

Trucks are heavy vehicles used for transportation of cargos and other heavy loads. The majority especially the commercial trucks travel longer distances. It’s impossible not to come across any in highways. Unfortunately, these types of vehicles have been involved in many accidents with other vehicles which have left scores injured and others losing their lives. […]

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by , 17th May 19 12:27 pm

The Pontiac Trans AM is a throwback to the wild 70s. But The first thin’ struck us about YouTube Channel Turnin Rust was the small town accents of the presenter. Lance Bush sounds like a Confederate from 1862. Man, that is a traditional Southern twang if ever there wus-one. Lance Bush is a qualified BMW […]

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by , 8th May 19 3:03 pm

Motorshows are not too dissimilar to an annular lunar eclipse. They happen once a year and can be experienced in locations from across the world. The Shanghai Motorshow lunar eclipse has come and gone and we review the main players. Well… actually, Carwow went to the expense of traveling to Shanghai, staying in a hotel, […]

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by , 25th Apr 19 11:52 am

Yes, it is expensive, I mean you can get a nice little or similarly sized Peugeot van for less than half the price of a Mercedes V Class. To remind you, the V Class starts at £48k. The Marco Polo version, which is clever marketing bait-and-switch for camper van, starts at £52k. So who buys […]

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