by , 12th Dec 17 11:27 am

Mercedes have finally revealed the price for the new CLS 4-door coupe, the entry-level 350d 4Matic AMG Line will cost £57,510. That’s without options. Many are regaling the new CLS will be powered by straight-six petrol and diesel engines. The basic fact about a straight-six (inline) engine over a V6 is that the straight-six provides […]

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by , 7th Dec 17 7:17 pm

There’s just something ten times better about a Jeep that’s raised up off the ground. Just like you see when people max out their Ford F-150s, only way cooler. Putting a lift kit on your Jeep is one of the best ways to beef it out and stand tall above the other Jeeps when you […]

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by , 4th Dec 17 2:32 pm

There are many people who own personalised license plates and it is not only the affluent that own such personalised plates. Some consider it as a statement of individuality while others view the personalised license plates as a form of investment. Personalised plates are frequently used in movies and serves as the status symbol of […]

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by , 30th Nov 17 7:52 pm

By his own words, Shmee150 says the Mercedes AMG GT is great value for money, despite costing £98.045 GBP. To the vast majority of people, £98k is a vast sum of money, to be fair to Shmee150 it’s probably not as dumb as it sounds. Think of the AMG GT as refined European muscle car, […]

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by , 21st Nov 17 9:38 pm

When you spend a lot of time in your car, it really pays to pimp your ride to the highest standards. You want to look good on the road, feel comfortable as you drive and show off a bit of your status at the same time. Your car can do it all, it’s just a […]

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