by , 16th Oct 17 10:20 am

Typically for a British company, Aston Martin has decided to launch the convertible variant of the DB11 just as the UK enters hibernation, or as we call it Autumn/Winter. Typically for Aston Martin, the DB11 Volante is super stylish so job done on one aspect. If you are reading this from L.A. then the DB11 […]

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by , 10th Oct 17 10:05 am

The revelation was created by digital artist Peisert Design who used official teaser and spy shots to give a clear indication of the Tesla Truck’s styling.  The Tesla truck was due to revealed later this month, however, Tesla has announced a three-week delay shifting the reveal date to November 16. Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, promises something different […]

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by , 4th Oct 17 2:22 pm

With Land-rover finally rolling back their plans to commit to diesel cars, you might be wondering whether it’s finally time to start thinking about buying a hybrid yourself. You might think that, based on the focus of these cars in the media, the majority of the country is already driving one. But that’s not true, […]

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by , 2nd Oct 17 10:56 am

Ford enjoys a cozy relationship with motoring journalists prepared to sell out, a cozy relationship with those whom they deem to be influential… Bastards. For example, Oliver Rowe is a sniveling toad of a Ford PR Manager an entity lost in his own glorious ego, a corporate sea slug who lacks imagination and who serves […]

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by , 28th Sep 17 12:11 pm

You will rue the day if you ever thought the car, a car powered by an internal combustion engine was ever going to be usurped by a pure electric car. Thankfully McLaren Automotive isn’t going to give up on the V8 just yet for one such engine supplanted in the 720S has defeated a Tesla P100D Ludricous. […]

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