by , 12th Mar 18 1:45 pm

Do you feel the need for speed? Although there are lots of different components that make up a great car, who can resist blindingly fast speed? Exotic cars can have hair-raising high speeds, and you might be shocked how fast the top ten fastest cars in the world can actually move. So how fast can […]

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by , 12th Mar 18 12:15 pm

When you make it big on YouTube you can earn millions and what does a YouTube made millionaire, typically about 20-years old, do with that new found fame and fortune. Buy a Lambroghini. The latest Lambroghini victim is known-unknown ComedyShortsGamer, aka,  Deji Olatunji. Deji has a following of 9m YouTube subs, which roughly means a license […]

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by , 9th Mar 18 11:45 am

Geely is getting mixed messages from Daimler Benz, maker of the Mercedes brand, on the one hand, the Daimler CEO is publically welcoming the new shareholding from a rival Chinese auto brand. On the other hand, Daimler Benz executives are openly questioning the shareholding albeit off-the-record and not wanting to be named. So what’s going on? Geely is […]

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by , 1st Mar 18 12:30 pm

The all-new A6 is here, move over BMW 5 Series and Mercedes E Class, its a slightly bolder look now with subtle flame-surfacing detail that marks out the new generation A6 from its predecessor. The A6 has always been a de-scaled version of the A8 and so the design language continues to follow this known heritage into 2018. The […]

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by , 1st Mar 18 11:36 am

What do you do when you can’t afford the car of your dreams how do you go about raking in the cash to buy one? You could become a drug dealer, but that’s a shortlived occupation and filled with many drive-by shootings. You could become involved in extortion and racketeering but the City of London’s banking […]

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