by , 16th May 18 12:48 pm

Haven’t Tesla already phased out ICE powerplants? In actuality Tesla manufactures pure electric cars, we all know that of course. But Volvo was the first of the major premium car brands to unequivocally state that for it the days of the diesel ICE engine is all but over. When the new generation Volvo S60 saloon launches […]

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by , 15th May 18 4:10 pm

The new Mercedes-AMG GT S Roadster, the flagship GT range, is now available to order, with prices start at £126,730. Powered by a 4.0-litre ‘hot V’ V8 biturbo petrol engine with an output of 522 hp (+ 46 hp more than the AMG GT) and maximum torque of 670 Nm. It can sprint from 0 to […]

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by , 7th May 18 6:10 pm

Stereos act up sometimes and fail to deliver the awesomeness they are used to giving you. No matter how recent the installation may be, these systems are never free of issues, with some problems being a real pain in the car. In the majority of forums dedicated to car audio equipment, it’s evident that some […]

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by , 1st May 18 12:06 pm

Maybach as it was known, a luxury standalone brand designed to compete with Rolls Royce and Bentley, is dead. It began life in 1909, and during WWII Maybach produced tank engines for the Nazi war machine. When Germany was defeated Maybach production never restarted. Daimler Benz purchased the surviving assets, in the 1960s, and built a […]

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by , 25th Apr 18 12:14 pm

There is no doubt thousands of athletes across the globe have had a kill from their sweat. Some are known for boasting flamboyant lifestyles. This is especially the case when it comes to their choice of lavish cars and spendthrift homes. These professional athletes’ paychecks read millions of dollars annually but they are equally making […]

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