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If you do not live in the UK and are wondering “what is a Tunbridge Wells?” then here is the answer. It’s a small town located in the South East region of England. The town is, by and large, picturesque, with a population of 118k. Nothing much happens in Tunbridge Wells, it’s a sleepy town where […]

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Doug De Muro reviews a used Ferrari F12. New it would have cost over $400k. The pre-owned, 2015 example is borrowed from a San Deigo supercar dealership. It still costs over $200k, according to De Muro that’s cheap. And he is probably correct. At some point, the Ferrari F12 and it’s 6.3-litre V12 735bhp supercar will […]

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McLaren has confirmed it will build the track-only Senna GTR, limited to 75 examples and priced at £1.1 million. The Senna GTR is an even more extreme version of the road-legal McLaren Senna. The development prototypes that begin testing this month will initially use modified Senna road car bodywork. The final Senna GTR shape – shown […]

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The ingredients are rather simple. You Take a Tesla Model S P100D. Add lightweight 20-inch alloy wheels, a bespoke suspension, new shocks, carbon ceramic brakes and… Something is missing, right? You need a carbon widebody kit and it just so happens Unplugged Performace can also supply that. Located in Hawthorne, California Unplugged Performance touts themselves as the […]

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If Scotty Kilmer was a real motoring journalist he would have been sacked years ago. However, the one-man-band of YouTubers is going strong. Kilmer’s YouTube channel has over 1.5 million subscribers. Kilmer has an amateurish approach to filming, but his advice is what draws in views. We don’t mind his cheap-ass approach. There is no 4k, no Phantom […]

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