by , 31st Oct 19 12:07 pm

While there’s a lot to take on board, especially if you are new to the car buying process, once you walk into the dealership, you might feel that you are in for a major battle. But when it comes to buying a car, a lot of it is about subtle psychology. Remember, it’s all about […]

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by , 30th Oct 19 11:55 am

It doesn’t matter where this challenge is starting from and heading to, it’s a challenge funded, produced and staged by Shell Oil. Shell Oil a company that has known about the effects of global warming it has contributed towards since the 1970s. Shell Oil, a company that has spent and continues to spend hundreds of […]

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by , 29th Oct 19 11:53 am

Only time will tell if the Seat Mii Electric is electrifying, but for now it is full-fat electrified or rather the first fully electric vehicle offered by the German-owned Spanish brand. In the UK the Mii Electric is priced from £19,300 (including PiCG), the Mii electric is one of the most affordable electric vehicles on […]

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by , 23rd Oct 19 4:38 pm

Lexus is joining the flock of electric car birds (if that makes any sense). No… Lexus is joining the electric car congregation, praying for new hope as it gets on its knees to sing to the Lord, to the Lord of electricity. In normal terminology, it simply means Lexus is preparing to unveil its very […]

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by , 17th Oct 19 11:15 am

Simone from reviewed and liked the Hyundai Tucson so much she decided to buy one. With her own money. Don’t feel sorry for her, don’t pity her but pray for her. Simone points out the 2019 updates to the exterior have sharpened up the Tuscon’s styling. At this point, my face is in my […]

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