by , 10th Jan 20 12:20 pm

Personally speaking, a fast SUV isn’t my cup of tea. I mean if you want a fast, sports car buy a proper sports car, like a 911. But there are those who are inclined to buck the trend and as long as the apparently fast vehicle has a fast sounding name in SUV trim, another […]

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by , 3rd Jan 20 3:32 pm

Riding the motorcycle can be the best encounter you can have. Be it on a road trip or when transporting different things. However, as much as it can be fun and enjoyable than any other kind of vehicle, it can be frustrating. Especially when you realize you have no enough space to put your stuff. […]

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by , 28th Dec 19 8:17 pm

Uber has plenty of advantages. It is cheap, easy to use and they operate in most major, and even minor, cities so you don’t have to switch service if you travel frequently. A car service was the Uber back in its day for executives and politicians that traveled a lot and needed to have transportation […]

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by , 4th Dec 19 11:28 am

The Vauxhall Insignia has reached the point in it’s current/planned product lifecycle where it’s time to phase in styling updates and technology upgrades. In the automotive industry, these updates are designed to extend the sales lifecycle and hopefully increase sales. So what does the Insgina gain? For the exterior new front and rear bumpers, radiator […]

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by , 3rd Dec 19 10:26 am

It’s time to upgrade your BMW F30. We are 19 years into the 21st century so that means we’re 981 years away from seeing in the 22nd century. In astrophysical timescales, 981 years is the equivalent to a nanosecond. So we don’t have long to go and that means we must prepare to adapt to […]

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