by , 2nd Aug 19 11:20 am

It’s Friday and we desperately need a content filler before the weekend begins. Thankfully we discovered this YouTube video about the Rambo supercar car collection. AKA Slyvester Stallone’s car collection. OK, so we could have used a more car related image for the headlines. But, we went for a dramatic look. Anyway, Rambo Last Blood […]

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by , 17th Jul 19 2:10 pm

Our lawyer would actually like us to state there is no racism involved here, nor by Top Gear presenter Chris Harris. Top Gear racism ended when Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer and subsequently received his P45. Yes, it took a physical assault and not racism to finally eject Clarkson. Yet car manufacturers still lauded him […]

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by , 15th Jul 19 5:12 pm

The new BMW 1 Series Mini Electric will never sound electrifying because EV’s do not make a sound. You will get residual wind and tyre noise inside and out because of what scientists call… physics. But this BMW 1 Series Mini EV will retail at an entry level £24k, once you factor in government EV […]

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by , 26th Jun 19 11:55 am

Apple Inc, One of the wealthiest tech companies the world has ever known, has just bought a self-driving shuttle service based in Arlington Texas. Only later they decided to close it down. was developing a small fleet of autonomous vehicles. In layman’s terms, intended to offer a self-driving taxi service. The company developed […]

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by , 18th Jun 19 11:40 am

I have driven the previous gen Audi RS 5 Coupe and I can confirm it is a very quick car, ridiculously quick. But even I have to regrettably admit that the premium luxury rubbish M3 Coupe is far superior in terms of delivering a pure drivers experience. It’s difficult for us to admit that a […]

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