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Apple Inc, One of the wealthiest tech companies the world has ever known, has just bought a self-driving shuttle service based in Arlington Texas. Only later they decided to close it down. was developing a small fleet of autonomous vehicles. In layman’s terms, intended to offer a self-driving taxi service. The company developed […]

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I have driven the previous gen Audi RS 5 Coupe and I can confirm it is a very quick car, ridiculously quick. But even I have to regrettably admit that the premium luxury rubbish M3 Coupe is far superior in terms of delivering a pure drivers experience. It’s difficult for us to admit that a […]

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We do have a soft spot for the Bentley Flying Spur we really do and the new 2019 Flying Spur is new from the ground up. It looks stunningly sharp-suited to boot. In our opinion (which is often shamelessly biased) it is the best looking sedan on the market right now. Its got a bit […]

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Bentley has deliberately on purpose released a model limited to be sold in one region in the whole of the world, the universe, the galaxy… infinity. It’s a special edition Bentley Continental GTC, finished by Mulliner, made for Bavaria. It’s aimed squarely at Germany’s high net worth individuals who skip the annual barbarian filled beer […]

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Porsche is currently testing prototype mules to assess the viability and feasibility of an electric 718 Cayman and by proxy, Boxster. The current generation Cayman and Boxster are currently being tested with a modified electric drivetrain. However, engineering an electric drivetrain into the Caymans engine bay will require extensive changes to the mid-engine architecture. Simply […]

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