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For many of us, motoring is a cost that we have to factor into our daily lives and budgets, covering everything from refilling the tank to carrying out repairs. The average price of petrol and diesel has risen by more than 20p each in the last decade while the average new car price has increased […]

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by , 9th Jan 20 12:44 pm

Personally, I would never recommend buying a Renault. I am a former Renault buyer and they are the “fils de putes” of unreliability. If a Renault turbo doesn’t go first then it will always be a gearbox fault. Renault’s are the va te faire foutre of cars in that they often va te faire foutre […]

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by , 3rd Jan 20 10:50 am

Generative artificial intelligence. In layman terms it means computers designing without the need for human input. Just 10 years ago artificial intelligence was a clunky primordial dream being developed by a couple of geeky academics in a creeky university out-house. Before that, it was nothing more than a thought experiment. Today, thanks to the advancement […]

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by , 16th Dec 19 12:10 pm

How can you dislike something you have never driven before? It’s easy, all you require is – what most experts call – an opinion and a platform on which to share that opinion. Top Gear’s Chris “Mr Sideways” Harris has shared his opinions on the Aston Martin DBX SUV and it isn’t positive. It’s Positive/negative. […]

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by , 4th Dec 19 10:36 am

Deutschland, das Jahr 2019 und die große Frage der Bevölkerung ist nicht die Wirtschaftslage, sondern ein markanter Punkt der Vermutung. Ist der Audi eTron besser als der Mercedes EQC? Beide Luxus-Elektroautos befinden sich in der frühen Phase der Automobiltechnologie der nächsten Generation. Das heißt, wir befinden uns in einem sehr frühen Stadium des Übergangs von […]

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