by , 27th May 20 1:34 pm

Did we tell you just how brilliant BMW is? They have now gone full circle in our estimations, from premium luxury rubbish to brilliant. How long will this rejuvenation last? we truly don’t know. But know this the BMW 5 Series is brilliant and it becomes brilliant-er with the 2021 facelift. But as with all […]

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by , 19th May 20 2:51 pm

Michael Moore’s Planet of The Humans has caused a lot of stir among renewable, pro-green environmentalists and activists. The documentary critiques the rise in the renewable/environmental industry sector, an industry that is primarily fueled by fossil fuels. For example, to make solar panels often coal-powered power stations are the primary source of energy consumption. Or […]

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by , 7th May 20 9:38 am

Robots making robots is perhaps the stuff of Orwellian nightmares. Such a scenario, however remote, is a distant dream often written as fan fiction in a little known self-published dystopian sci-fi novel written part-time by a frustrated librarian. Or is it? The rise of the robot dystopian future is getting closer, albeit by tiny incremental […]

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by , 1st May 20 12:11 pm

Bollinger, the New York startup EV Inc, and makers of the all-electric B1 SUV and B2 Pickup truck has revealed its Class 3 E-Chassis B2CC platform. Naturally, the B2CC is based on the B2 pickup truck chassis. A Class 3 vehicle is so designated because it refers to a truck classification, which is typically based […]

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by , 10th Apr 20 2:22 pm

According to the Green Vehicle Guide, ‘A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.’ Many of us can’t envision a life without driving at all, and yet the pollution caused by vehicles worldwide is a huge issue. Thankfully, there are a few steps you can take to become a […]

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