by , 9th Jan 20 12:44 pm

Personally, I would never recommend buying a Renault. I am a former Renault buyer and they are the “fils de putes” of unreliability. If a Renault turbo doesn’t go first then it will always be a gearbox fault. Renault’s are the va te faire foutre of cars in that they often va te faire foutre […]

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by , 3rd Jan 20 10:50 am

Generative artificial intelligence. In layman terms it means computers designing without the need for human input. Just 10 years ago artificial intelligence was a clunky primordial dream being developed by a couple of geeky academics in a creeky university out-house. Before that, it was nothing more than a thought experiment. Today, thanks to the advancement […]

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by , 16th Dec 19 12:10 pm

How can you dislike something you have never driven before? It’s easy, all you require is – what most experts call – an opinion and a platform on which to share that opinion. Top Gear’s Chris “Mr Sideways” Harris has shared his opinions on the Aston Martin DBX SUV and it isn’t positive. It’s Positive/negative. […]

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by , 4th Dec 19 10:36 am

Deutschland, das Jahr 2019 und die große Frage der Bevölkerung ist nicht die Wirtschaftslage, sondern ein markanter Punkt der Vermutung. Ist der Audi eTron besser als der Mercedes EQC? Beide Luxus-Elektroautos befinden sich in der frühen Phase der Automobiltechnologie der nächsten Generation. Das heißt, wir befinden uns in einem sehr frühen Stadium des Übergangs von […]

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by , 27th Nov 19 8:07 pm

Passing your driving test is such a relief and one you’ve likely been working towards for some time now. Some of us manage to pass the first time, and some need a few more tries. Neither makes us a worse or better driver because driving on the road comes with its own challenges when you’ve […]

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