by , 6th Nov 18 2:06 pm

At last, we have found a new cohort to join the DCB rebellion. Engineering Explained YouTube man. The popular tech-nerd-blogger on all things engineering has finally had enough of the corporate BMW lies. In this Churchill inspired video Engineering Explained YouTube man questions BMW UK lies. We’ll actually Engineering Explained YouTube man isn’t challenging BMW, he is far too clever […]

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by , 4th Nov 18 2:31 pm

OK, so we got our first long-termer thanks to the VW Gods. It’s a Volkswagen Tiguan SE Nav. A mid-range model. The VW Tiguan is available in a choice of 5 trims and 8 engine options either petrol, diesel, or hybrid. Pricing for the Tiguan SE Nav starts from £26k, the only optional extra we […]

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by , 1st Nov 18 11:08 am

God damn it BMW, after we gave you and therefore the rubbish BMW M4 a glowing review (with a few backhanded compliments), you gone-don-eet-again. The rubbish BMW M3 and M4 are rubbish. The latter is not us being in any way disrespectful (we are). We are using our journalist hound dog skills to lead us to the […]

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by , 30th Oct 18 10:02 pm

We would like to issue an apology. We referred to Martine Varrall as the Press Fleet Manager of Mazda UK PR. She is indeed the Press Fleet Administrator for Mazda UK PR. When our colleague, made a mundane media inquiry many, many months ago, Martine got straight to the point. She said something along the lines that […]

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by , 29th Oct 18 10:12 pm

  Doug DeMuro really hates the Mercedes AMG GLE63. or so we like to think. but how can you hate a car loaded with V8 Bi-Turbo, 586bhp performance coupe SUV. Therein lies the problem. The AMG GLE63 is a coupe with an SUV determination. And that is what is wrong with this particular Mercedes. It try’s to […]

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