by , 18th Jun 19 3:04 pm

Since we washed our hands with Mazda’s bizarre UK PR department, which is represented by a clown, peace has been restored. We actually have more time on our hands to appreciate the Mazda. Any Mazda. The MX 5 is a great drivers car, in many ways it feels old school. Steering, brakes, chassis, engine, everything […]

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by , 17th Jun 19 9:23 pm

Why you shouldn’t buy a Tesla E-lectric car? They are expensive says popular automotive YouTuber Scotty Kilmer. You Shouldn’t buy a Tesla E-lectric car because Tesla has poor quality control, so says Scotty Kilmer. I reckon Scotty sure does scare the bejesus out of his followers. Mustn’t he?  And this negativity towards Tesla comes suddenly […]

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by , 11th Jun 19 3:16 pm

Supercar Blondie… blonde hair, blue eyes, white Australian the perfect indicators of neo-liberal white supremacy? It’s so obvious, she even uses the tag “blondie” as her YouTube alias. Super and blond are the signatures of National Socialism. You know what the modern far right are like they rebrand themselves, wear smart clothing, look presentable and […]

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by , 10th Jun 19 5:15 pm

It’s a strange YouTube channel this one, Honest John. It was fronted by a creepy old guy in a pork pie paedo hat who made sci-fi horror movies look like comedies in comparison to the atomic bomb reviews he used to upload. But times change and change… changes and Honest John YouTube has moved… sideways. […]

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by , 10th Jun 19 12:33 pm

The Jaguar I Pace won three trophies at the 2019 Word Car Awards earlier this year. However, the World Car Awards is nothing less than a front for back slapping motoring journalists to make a name for themselves in the backslapping world of the motoring industry. Jaguar is the ideal case to highlight why these […]

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