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Apollo, aka Tesla Model S, cost MKBHD close to $50,000 to repair after the YouTuber was involved in a highway shunt with a truck driver. Fortunately for MKBHD, the trucker was judged to be at fault. So the cost to repair Apollo, aka Tesla Model S, will be paid for by the trucker’s insurance company. […]

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A reputable and licensed towing & recovery company usually has enough safety measures in place to help prevent damage to your car while towing. Apart from these measures, such companies have well-trained tow truck operators to minimize the chances of doing more damage to your car as it is being towed. This is not to […]

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by , 15th Feb 19 1:07 pm

Fiat is updating the Tipo range to include the new Street trim. Tipo Street offers revised styling combined and a little bit more equipment. Is the marketing for the Steet aimed at mini drug barons or school run mums? For now, it is an answer that remains unanswered.  The Fiat Tipo Street is targeted at customers who want their car to be dynamic and stylish but still at an accessible price-point. Based on the Easy […]

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Volvo, Lexus, BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz and Cadillac experienced striking sales growth in China during the course of 2018. Jaguar Land Rover posted less than impressive sales results. The company cited challenging market conditions and the trade dispute between China and the USA. The trade dispute didn’t affect the other manufacturers so what is the […]

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Bill Gates, the billionaire founder of Microsoft turned philanthropist, is giving away 96-percent of his $90 billion dollar fortune to charity. When Bill Gates finally hands out the money he’ll still be quite rich… to the tune of $270m. But do not feel sorry for Bill Gates, Microsoft will still earn him a healthy $1m […]

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