by , 19th May 20 11:51 am

Dear Rolls Royce Motor Cars your efforts to protect the honey bee are admirable. We hope World Honey Bee Day celebrations on May 20 mark an important step in aiding the recovery of the honey bee which is seen as a key pollinator of life. However, you must know that aggressive agricultural practices are killing […]

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by , 17th May 20 8:57 pm

Nearly three months of social distancing and shutdowns across the globe have inevitably led to dire consequences both personal and economic. The car industry is reliant on rampant consumerism to sustain a ceaseless business model. Sudden and mass unemployment has shocked the heart of every financial system. And as a result, the entire car industry […]

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by , 15th May 20 12:08 pm

Finally, we can feature something positive about Land Rover. But let’s begin with a negative. We are currently at war with Land Rover, a protracted war that will end when this website ends. That could be next week, in a few week’s time or many months from now. We have experienced grotesque ‘professionalism’ at the […]

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by , 10th May 20 6:59 pm

A bitter spat has developed between the conspiracy theorist billionaire owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, and the state of California. Musk is incandescent with discontent at Californian state officials for ordering Tesla to remain closed during the Covid-19 crisis. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the U.S. hard and without mercy. The state of California ordered […]

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by , 8th May 20 10:52 am

Morally and ethically corruptible Mercedes, who put their Spanish factory workers at the mercy of Covid-19, have been busy over the lockdown period. The facelifted E Class isn’t all about the minor visual updates, no sir. Morally and ethically corruptible Mercedes has been working hard to ensure the 2021 spec E Class is fitted with […]

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