by , 5th Feb 20 12:24 pm

Feast your eyes on this freakish, abnormality of a replica Lamborghini Aventador Huracan. Or rather it was an attempt to make a replica Lamborghini with good intentions gone wrong. It’s true to say Lamborghini won’t be losing any sleep over this car crash recreation, but you know what? I rather like it. Sure it isn’t […]

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by , 4th Feb 20 10:43 am

America’s Bible belt is today outraged in what is a day of Christian outrage. Carwow’s Mat Watson has caused controversy by declaring the Rolls Royce Phantom – an inanimate object and as sentient as a zombie slasher movie – is better than Jesus. Praise be the lord hallelujah, Servants of Rolls Royce, sing praise to […]

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by , 3rd Feb 20 11:38 am

If Range Rover couldn’t make the Evoke Convertible SUV work what chance does the all-new VW T Roc convertible have? Well first of all the Evoke convertible has an asking price of £50k before options. Correction, it did. That’s (was) a lot of money to pay to lose a lot of practicality and it kind-of […]

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by , 28th Jan 20 3:04 pm

Hyundai just can not get away from being associated with racism these days, known or unknown. The pattern of behavior is disturbing. They stayed quiet during Chelsea FC‘s racist contagion when they should have spoken up and terminated the sponsorship deal. This time they created a Superbowl ad pitching white America against white America. In […]

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by , 28th Jan 20 11:27 am

It’s all about the emissions Lebowski! Apparently, the Suzuki Jimny’s future in the UK is under threat. That’s because the tiny 4×4 emits rather too much CO2. Its relatively small 1.5-litre, 4-cylinder petrol engine emits between 152g/km and 172g/km depending on spec. By comparison, an Audi A6 45 TFSI, Quattro S Line auto emits 154g/km. […]

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