by , 16th Oct 17 4:25 pm

In a bid to put the lying, cheating, and profiteering of the emissions scandal behind them, VW has announced radical plans to launch a new wave of electric buses and trucks. The company’s Turck and Bus division will receive 1.4 billion euros of investment to cut air pollution to meet new regulatory air quality targets. The […]

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by , 11th Oct 17 12:37 pm

With a mandate from German quartermasters, BMW, to create more sales, Mini has been under pressure to perform. Rather Mini is under pressure to improve sales performance and if this does not happen Germany will line up its British employees against a wall and shoot them… a P45. With ideas thin on the ground it seems […]

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by , 9th Oct 17 6:05 pm

At first, we wondered if it was a bird, or if it was a plane or even if it was Superman. But you and I knew that Superman was a product of fiction. But we chose to believe in that fiction because fiction is always an escape, like taking cocaine or methamphetamines, because fictionalization is better than facing […]

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by , 7th Oct 17 9:26 pm

After Several months of throwing every conceivable offer at Joylon Palmer to leave the Renault F1 team, it’s finally happened, Jolyon Palmer will exit left as soon as the Japanese Grand Prix has concluded. And it can’t happen soon enough. Torro Rosso’s Carlos Sainz, who was scheduled to join Renault in 2018, will take over […]

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by , 5th Oct 17 3:29 pm

The current craze for vehicle lease deals has been heralded as something that brings greater freedom of choice to motorists and makes it possible for them to drive the sort of car that they could not dream of owning. On the face of it, the argument is compelling. Range Rover Sport lease opportunities are out […]

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