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When Sergio Perez was involved in two race incidents during the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix the FIA were found to be absent. The Singapore GP is like a bigger and faster version of Monaco. The first collision occurred at the start of the race. As Perez battled his for position, in the opening lap, and sensing his teammate […]

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Ferrari has unveiled the SP1 and SP2 the first in a line of special ultra limited edition models. Both the Ferrari SP1 and Sp2 draw inspiration from the 1950’s motor racing era. That said, it’s unusual for Ferrari to chose a retro design language. Ferrari is a forward thinking company so to choose this particular retro style in an […]

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The accountants and survey people have been hard at work over in Kia HQ. Between them, they have managed to make the all-new Ceed more sensible and practical. Unfortunately, the external styling has taken a direct hit. While the all-new Kia Ceed has stylish design elements, in isolation, the rear end of the car looks as though […]

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It’s Marques Brownlee, Youtube man, MKBHD man, smart man, tech man, rich man. The biggest revelation in this video is that Marques Brownlee man reveals he has placed a deposit for the Tesla Roadster. The Tesla Roadster will cost £189,000 GBP when it is released in 2020. This is Tesla. Expect delays. Nevertheless, Tesla is […]

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Looking like an SUV offered by a never before heard of Chinese auto start-up the all-new Mercedes Benz GLE looks like an SUV from a never before heard of Chinese auto brand. But it is what it is. Underneath that Chinese looking, all-new, exterior is a wealth of new Mercedes Benz innovation. Exclusive German technology […]

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