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by , 11th Dec 17 12:57 pm

Even McLaren admit the new Senna is a dog ugly car built purely for performance. OK, so McLaren doesn’t openly say it’s an ugly hypercar but they do say it’s “not sanitized to suit… the road” which means the Senna is ugly. The looks are utterly superfluous for the McLaren Senna not only honours the greatest F1 […]

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by , 7th Dec 17 2:32 pm

As much as we want to like the Renault A110… we cant, we don’t even like the name it sounds very logical and let’s face it, the French are very passionate, which is probably just a myth as they are really miserable sods because they enjoy being miserable and looking down on immigrants. Nevertheless, the […]

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by , 4th Dec 17 11:00 am

Yoda sound-alike – Doug DeMuro – gets his hands on an $80,000 Ford F-250 Platinum Pickup Truck. We can’t think of anything else to say, it’s Monday we have a collective headache so just watch the video to see what Doug thinks.  

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by , 29th Nov 17 1:54 pm

Our relationship with the very British Rolls Royce PR division is now in full “auto-self-destruct mode” meaning the bridge has collapsed into the water below, the water in the lake has dried up, Wild E Coyote has finally caught Road Runner,  we are hanging on the edge of the bridge with our fingernails, oblivion is impending […]

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by , 27th Nov 17 10:14 am

This is the Range Rover Evoque X-Lander Edition from Kahn Design, the latest  Rangie model to be given the transformational eye from Afzal Kahn. Kahn, along with his core team of designers and engineers, spent two years thinking about the concept and the end result is more road presence than a bog-standard, off the shelf Evoque. […]

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