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As a motoring journalist, it is my sworn duty to uphold the values of the “ism” with nothing more than the truth. To point out injustices, to recoil against flagrant transgressions of… flagrant transgressions. We here at DCB HQ have been sent here on a mission from God, and our single most focused mission is […]

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I want to tell you about Vitruvius, he was a Roman Architect from ancient times. He developed a philosophy on the principles of architecture, a simple set of rules governing the ideals of building design. He even wrote about it in a multi-volume treatise, De Architectura, published between 30 BC and 15 BC. The Vitruvius […]

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No, please, no… this can not be true… if it is then we are fearful of a new continuous era of bloody awful Volkswagens. Our long term review of the bloody awful Tiguan has left us scarred, we developed PTSD and required hours of counseling to get over the sheer disappointment that is the bloody […]

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Mercedes, using Lawrence Stroll (the world’s poorest billionaire) as a front, today announced the official termination of Andy Palmer’s tenure as the CEO of Aston Martin with immediate effect. Palmer has led Aston Martin since 2014. Mercedes will replace Palmer with the CEO of the company’s AMG division, Tobias Moers. Moers will eventually relocate to […]

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This is the world’s poshest car reviewer. I have been warned by our legal and compliance officer to keep the tone professional. No mangled grammar, just pure unadulterated professionalism. Therefore I have nothing further to add, if I did then my employment would almost certainly be terminated. With immediate effect. Please watch the video… PLEASE! 

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