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Hatchbacks are popular with new drivers and it isn’t hard to see why. They’re stylish, spacious and a lot more practical than many other types of car. They also tend to be much more affordable and offer fantastic resale value. However, with so many hatchbacks on the market, how can you decide which one to […]

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With the 24 Hours of Le Mans around the corner, we thought we’d delve into the event and check out the cars in detail and see how they’re made in order to deal with this gruelling race. We also find out how Guido Van Der Garde prepares for Le Mans 24 Hours and the difference […]

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In a desperate attempt to grab the headlines and stay relevant we have created a fake news story for the purposes of grabbing the headlines. Our lead story… AHEM!… focuses on an exclusive look at the very British Rolls Royce SUV. Let me just add that a very British Rolls Royce SUV is for real it […]

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He sounds like a professor and looks like a slim version of Wolverine before the steroid enhancements took hold, he is Henry Catchpole motoring journalist and reviewer of cars AND he’s British with a slightly loose stiff upper lip. If you are American and have not heard of this guy lets just say he comes across as […]

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If there is one thing we car lovers know, it’s that driving doesn’t always go to plan. Sure, there are times when we are all at one with the steering wheel, and the adrenaline flows. But, there are also times when some of us just want to pull over to the side of the road […]

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