by , 24th May 19 12:21 pm

The McLaren 720S suspension. You know what? most of the people who buy a McLaren 720S do so because it’s got a rock-n-roll kind-a vibe about it. And because they can afford the asking price. However, the heiress, rich kid of Instagram, corrupt politician, fraudster, drug dealer… none of these people will ever take a […]

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by , 21st May 19 3:57 pm

Great news, we now have four daily readers to this site. The dog, next door neighbor’s cat, Jeff Bezos and now Carwow. We’re rollin’ in the popularity stakes, top quality car blog. Mi casa es su casa. Our respectability is on the rise, an unstoppable march into… something-ness… AHEM! We, are like pirates, raiding and […]

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by , 20th May 19 9:40 am

Hallo. Wir motivieren Journalisten and my German language skill-set is rather limited so we will be proper Englisch from now on. As you may know, the BMW 8 Series Convertible is now on sale in this dis-United Kingdom. Prices start from £82,295. Two engines will be offered at launch: a V8 petrol engine in the […]

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by , 7th May 19 10:11 pm

Turns out that the future is further away and out of reach than we care to admit. For the average person, the future is slaving away on stagnant wages that flat-lined 40-years ago. So who is able to afford the Mercedes EQC electric SUV which starts off at £65,000? The boss/company that you are working […]

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by , 2nd May 19 1:15 pm

We’ve all been on a holiday here at DCB Towers but damn it we still keep up with the news. And the news that Land Rover will build the next generation Defender in Slovakia had me choking on my Avocado on toast. Choking with joy. I could barely touch the muesli as I roared with […]

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