by , 16th Jan 20 10:45 am

The DBX is currently doing the full publicity tour in the hands of sure-to-be-positive media outlets. Aston Martin is pining its very survival on the DBX. The company is teetering on financial collapse as it struggles to feed a $1bn debt pile. The company’s debt has created unease among banks who are no longer willing […]

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by , 9th Jan 20 11:54 am

Change always brings… change… and we here at DCB HQ have changed our minds about BMW being makers of premium luxury rubbish cars. Because change is necessary. We hereby declare from this day forth, BMW is no longer a maker of premium rubbish cars. Yes, of course, in the past we have said BMW is […]

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by , 8th Jan 20 12:00 pm

BMW Mini has launched the new Convertible Sidewalk Edition. It’s got a limited edition exterior paint finish, Harmon Kardon sound system, heads-up display and auto transmission. It’s powered by the Copper S engine which means 192bhp. It’s got limited edition “stuff” designed to get you – the consumer – to dig deep and flash the […]

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by , 6th Jan 20 12:26 pm

I do not know what kind of misery someone or organisation must be in to conceive of the Dacia Duster. We blame Carlos “The Fugitive Fraudster” Ghosn. Dacia follows Ghosn’s personal philosophy of cost-cutting, Ghosnintroduced cost-cutting across the Renault Nissan alliance, the strategy saved both companies from extinction. We now know where all the savings […]

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by , 1st Jan 20 3:58 pm

The British car industry is ruled by Johnny foreigner, now’t wrung wit’ that like. But for how long? Land Rover is the remnant of a once-powerful and thriving British car industry. It is a Red Giant among a galaxy of automotive stars. But is bloated Jaguar Land Rover nearing its end? Regrettably not yet. The […]

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