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It’s no secret that cars can be enormously expensive. Once purchased, the costs only get higher, as they eventually become riddled with all kinds of maintenance costs that can plague the new owner. However, many owners never see them coming, and often don’t have the know-how or willpower to accept the reality that cars are […]

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by , 15th May 18 4:43 pm

A few days ago Google unveiled ‘Google Duplex’, Duplex is a human-centric, machine learning AI. Every time you use and interact with your Andriod smartphone or tablet Google is learning and all that data is crunched by computers which allow Google to develop new products such as Duplex. Duplex is still in development, it is a […]

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by , 11th May 18 4:51 pm

At the start of this year, we brought you a review of the Skoda Hatch, a saloon offering by Skoda that, all in, is an impressive vehicle indeed. While many would argue that the market for four-door saloons appears to be fading, Skoda has proven that just isn’t the case. The convenience and affordability of […]

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by , 11th May 18 12:14 pm

The feud happened in the Taiwanese city of Taichung. Apparently, the local businessman ordered a new Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo and specified the 4d Chassis. The businessman fronted the $75,000 deposit and when his new car was finally delivered the 4D Chassis had not been included. The new owner refused to pay the rest of the money owed and […]

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by , 5th May 18 2:36 pm

The automotive industry is undergoing the most significant change since the industrialization of automotive manufacturing took place in 1908. Digitalization is driving the disruption. While the past century was largely focused on incrementally enhancing manufacturing to become more efficient for mass scale, the future is about redefining the role of the vehicle for the driver […]

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