by , 30th Mar 20 6:54 pm

Ahhh the bloody Awful VW Tiguan. There isn’t fundamentally anything wrong with the bloody awful VW Tiguan. So why do I think it’s bloody awful? The compact-crossover size SUV is well built. Indeed I dare say VW build quality traverses into premium brand territory. The engines are relatively refined, both diesel and petrol. Entry-level models […]

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by , 18th Mar 20 2:14 pm

Do you know what Mercedes did? they ordered employees at their Van factory in Gasteiz, Spain to continue working. Despite a government emergency being declared to combat the virulent and deadly Conoravirus Pandemic. Motherfukers! When the workers turned up for their shift something unexpected happened. They organised a sit-in at the end of the production […]

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by , 17th Mar 20 4:52 pm

He’s blocked us! he has! Jimmy Broadbent, racing sim geek extraordinaire has blocked the Daily Car Blog on Twitter! But… what, the now? We were the first auto blog to feature Jimmy Broadbent, what? three years ago? Back then he had less than 100k followers and made videos from his shed. He’s a celebrity now, […]

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by , 12th Mar 20 10:53 am

For the foreseeable future, perhaps for eternity, we here at the Daily Car Blog have decided to visually ban the BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe. This ‘thing’ is a monstrous, styling disaster. How can BMW give the world the visually appealing i8 and then give us the 2 Series Gran Coupe? They call it “eye-catching”… […]

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by , 10th Mar 20 10:26 am

If you think the Coronavirus is deadly then think again. Hyundai of America is issuing a recall of Sonata sedans, the model years affected are 2013-2014. The NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) found that a fuel line has the potential to develop a small crack over time. There is a serious possibility of the […]

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