by , 30th Sep 19 3:33 pm

The award-winning Look-a-like feature is BACK! and for a short time only. This time its the Bollinger B1 vs the all-Top Gear made Hammerhead Eagle iThrust. One is an electric SUV years in the making, the other is an electric… something… a few weeks in the making. One will use a state of the art […]

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by , 10th Sep 19 3:55 pm

A new simulator to help car makers better understand how drivers will cope with and respond to the rising number of connected driver assistance (ADAS) and autonomous (AI) automotive technologies has been revealed by Ansible Motion, an established provider to the automotive industry. The latest iteration of Ansible Motion’s multi-million-pound Delta Driver-in-the-Loop (DIL) simulator provides […]

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by , 3rd Sep 19 11:37 am

The 2019 Volvo XC90 is updated. Finally, at last, not before the end of time, better late than never Volvo has introduced the first of a range of mild-hybrid powertrains. Mild hybrids are like the semi-skimmed version of milk. A mild hybrid engine is not a full-on hybrid, it’s like a watered-down version of a […]

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by , 28th Aug 19 3:50 pm

The electric vehicle industry is growing fast. Considering only 3,500 electric vehicles were registered in the entire year of 2013, the industry has witnessed significant growth over the past few years – with the popularity growth attributed to the developments in the industry that are slowly but surely overcoming the initial setbacks of electric vehicles. […]

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by , 14th Aug 19 7:43 pm

The human populous is forever growing, expanding, ever greater expectations and pressures are placed upon growing demand. Anticipating these changes is a constant endeavor be it urbanisation of towns & cities or automation through AI or robotic AI technologies. Change isn’t limited to technology. We change our fashion style every season because the fashion trends […]

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