by , 8th Jan 20 7:51 pm

Ok, you have a car dealership, but you’re not getting the expected flow of customers, what can you do to improve that? Simple answer, have a website! People are known to look up everything online beforehand, especially when it comes to shopping. Car dealerships used to be the only place where people could buy cars, […]

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by , 6th Jan 20 8:55 pm

Most Americans spend a significant part of their lives in their cars. While a commute down the highway may seem like a mundane affair, accidents can happen all the time. It’s best to be prepared and understand what you should do as your next course of action. It’s never too early to contact an attorney after […]

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by , 3rd Jan 20 2:28 pm

We started the new year with a positive more enthusiastic approach to covering car news and as with every new year’s resolution, we broke it almost immediately. When we heard Dacia was intending to electrify its entire product offering we all nearly choked during the morning coffee meet. Dacia isn’t exactly electrifying as it currently […]

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by , 24th Dec 19 11:39 am

When you buy a new car like a Mercedes AMG GTR Pro mostly you want to get in and drive it straight away. Not if you are supercar superstar YouTuber Shmee150. When he took delivery of his range-topping AMG GTR Pro it went straight on a trailer and headed towards car detailing specialists Topaz Detailing. […]

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by , 3rd Dec 19 1:31 pm

The majority of us have all had that one car that is just so unreliable. If not, then you have probably been privileged enough to go straight into buying a new car or perhaps securing a finance deal. If you have, then you will never have experienced the torment that a car can bring you, […]

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