by , 9th Aug 17 10:13 am

Using the PC simulator rFactor YouTuber ElReyGuiri has added his own Halo patch a Ferrari F1 car. From a cockpit POV position we get an early preview of what it will be like to drive an F1 car with the Halo attached. The Halo is controversial, it’s designed to give drivers extra head protection but fans and […]

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by , 13th Jul 17 3:12 pm

Did you know that we here at DCB Towers have some very influential readers, the guys over at very British Rolls Royce Motors read DCB. Despite a constant stream of spelling and grammatical errors, important people do read this blog. That’s how far-reaching this blog is…. hooohaaa! Anywho… YouTuber Doug DeMuro gives us his low down […]

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by , 30th May 17 9:14 pm

  What is it really like to live with a BMW M4? Little known YouTuber “Effspot” gives us an insight into year on year ownership costs. First you need to be able to afford the cost of buying one – obviously – then you need to have the money for the upkeep. It ain’t cheap but […]

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by , 23rd May 17 10:21 am

When you finally meet your ‘perfect car’ you know that you have to have it. The Ford Ranger might be just that car for it is America, it is the American dream (for some) for it is driven by square jawed, blue eyed, blonde haired, symmetrically perfect Anglo Saxons. The Ford Ranger is Texas it is Bojangles, cheap motels, […]

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by , 16th May 17 10:48 am

A mystery is beginning to sweep across the world with reports of BMW’s catching fire spontaneously while parked. From what we can gather the fires seem to be pertained to models around 10 years or older. BMW have investigated the fires and made a bunch of excuses without backing them up. The most outlandish excuse […]

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