by , 21st May 19 2:41 pm

As customisations go this Chevrolet Camaro SS low rider is what it is to the eye of the beholder. You may like it you may not but as the old saying goes, whats the hell. Why not. Personally speaking, we wouldn’t go for such an extreme low ride height, but the wide body look is […]

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by , 8th May 19 12:09 pm

BMW isn’t having a great first quarter, sales have slowed in key markets causing a first-quarter profit nosedive. Allegations of emissions collusion are expected to cost BMW and an additional $1.6 billion in fines if the prosecution proves successful. The European anti-trust commission has found evidence of BMW colluding with Daimler and VW to limit […]

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by , 11th Apr 19 11:12 am

Lotus is finally branching out of its agricultural location in Norfolk, England and setting up a production facility in China’s Hubei province. The Assembly plant in Hubei, Wuhan will become Lotus’s first foreign production facility. The existing facility in Norfolk will be retained and is scheduled to undergo major investment and upgrades. The capital expenditure […]

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by , 4th Apr 19 2:39 pm

Totally stoned Jason Engineering Explained YouTube man appears to have upped his intake of legal opioids. It seems the Sackler Family either sponsored this video or Jason decided to get totally stoned on one gigantic 100 percent pure spliff. Either way in this out-of-character video totally stoned Engineering Explained YouTube man Jason explains why he […]

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by , 26th Mar 19 4:32 pm

Being a grown-up and having to grind through the daily chores of everyday life can be a bit of a downer a lot of the time. Sure, without having our minds occupied, we’d all just be sat at home, bored, wishing we were doing something, but a week off or so is the most attractive […]

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