by , 17th Mar 20 12:23 pm

Of course, there are a number of benefits that come hand in hand with buying a brand new vehicle. You’re the first owner. It arrives with no damage and no miles. You can choose exactly what model, colour and add ons you want. But when it comes down to it, there are a number of […]

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by , 3rd Mar 20 3:15 pm

The fifth-generation Mercedes E Class (W213) is now three years old and as it heads on towards the second phase of its product lifecycle it’s time for a product update. Product updates are designed to keep consumer interest… interested. To keep driving sales. Updates/facelifts are usually subtle and largely go unnoticed, but not in this […]

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by , 27th Feb 20 10:28 am

OK, so the new second-generation Mercedes GLA compact SUV has been revealed, to a rather muted fanfare, it has to be said. One first has to make commentary on the new design language. That’s a difficult area because it is so subjective. Objectively speaking, after much head-scratching, I decided to use a comparison. It looks […]

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by , 17th Feb 20 11:56 am

The Volkswagen Polo just got a whole lot cheaper- well more, cost-effective – with the introduction of the Match, which replaces the second-tier SE trim in the Polo range. The Match adds 15-inch ‘Seyene’ alloy wheels, front fog lights, rear tinted-windows, and front and rear parking sensors – equipment which, if specified as options on […]

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by , 24th Jan 20 12:05 pm

We really like the Tesla Cybertruck, yes it divides opinions, and no we are not shilling for Tesla. And no we are not being positive because it’s “positive day” here at DCB HQ we are just liking what Tesla is doing. And no we’re not hoping Tesla calls us to attend an exclusive preview. That […]

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