by , 6th Dec 18 3:19 pm

This is the moment TheRidersChannel caught Alex Choi attempting a show-off powerslide on “The Snake Pass”. The powerslide-u-turn ended in a near miss with a passing motorcyclist. A fellow cyclist was standing on the grass verge filming Choi in his LamBROghini Huracan. But she flipped and f-ed at Choi when the near-collision happened. Alex Choi was posing when the incident occurred on the […]

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by , 1st Dec 18 3:34 pm

We’re not ones to give the BMW Group free positive publicity. However, in the interest of fair and balanced coverage, we’re certainly not going to start now, today or possibly ever. But we do like the BMW Mini. Indeed we were going to have one as a long termer. Regrettably, we settled on a VW […]

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by , 28th Nov 18 2:41 pm

We like the styling ethos Porsche applies to the 911, it truly is evolutionary and that’s a good characteristic to retain. The 911 doesn’t require over-styling, it will always be a timeless design. However, our criticism is reserved to the steering. Having tested the current generation Porsche 911, I was disappointed about the switch to […]

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by , 26th Nov 18 12:28 pm

Having worked for a blue-chip Japanese company in a senior position (before I joined this wreck of a pirate ship), I can tell you the one thing the Japanese admire is humility. The news of the corrupt CEO of this Franco Japanese, Nissan Renault & Mitsubishi automotive alliance will be a shock to the Japanese system as […]

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by , 10th Oct 17 12:30 pm

If ever there was a perfect match then very British Rolls Royce and Autocar are just so. Thankfully Autocar spent a bit of money on hiring a good amateur cameraman who just happened to have finished filming Bob and Marie’s wedding in Hull before being whisked away to film. The all-new very British Rolls Royce Phantom sits […]

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