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We here are not big fans of these so-called “cars and coffee” American in origin meetups. America is the home to great ideas such as Silicon Valley, the invasion of Iraq, the Industrial Military Complex, trying to ferment a coup in Venezuela. I mean Americans don’t have “guns and coffee” meetups or at least we […]

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by , 28th Oct 19 5:03 pm

Welcome to the wonderful world of RVs. Having your own RV can allow you to open up some amazing recreational opportunities. If you’re a newbie to RVs, all of the different types and various options can be very confusing. While we are going to talk about the best RV trailers, we are going to make a note […]

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by , 15th Oct 19 2:51 pm

You can not buy the Daihatsu based Toyota GR Copen Roadster because it is only for sale in Japan. The Japanese love their cute and quirky little cars and the Toyota Copen GR follows in a long line of cute and quirky, Japan only, microcars. The Copen GR will go on sale on November 9 […]

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by , 11th Oct 19 3:35 pm

Hobbies are thought to be incredibly important to overall well-being. For many people finding a car hobby can help to relieve stress. Often, the best hobbies come from an existing love or interest, which is why we thought it might be useful to take a look at the hobbies anyone interested in cars might want […]

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by , 30th Sep 19 3:33 pm

The award-winning Look-a-like feature is BACK! and for a short time only. This time its the Bollinger B1 vs the all-Top Gear made Hammerhead Eagle iThrust. One is an electric SUV years in the making, the other is an electric… something… a few weeks in the making. One will use a state of the art […]

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