by , 9th Jul 20 1:57 pm

The Toyota Corolla is synonymous with standardization done really well. The Corolla isn’t about the live-fast-die-fast rhetoric, it is the Hare which has taken advice from the Tortoise. The Corolla has always been relatively affordable and extremely reliable. Nothing more nothing less. However the Corolla Cross is more Corolla, but less SUV. It’s one of […]

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by , 29th Jun 20 12:13 pm

The Bentley Mulsanne launched over 10 years ago, it is the last of the truly great British Bentley’s, the pinnacle of the brand’s very identity and heritage. And now Bentley has decided to call time on the Mulsanne, we drove one a few years back and it was everything thing you expect from old school […]

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by , 17th Jun 20 12:11 pm

What if you can make a petrol-powered car, gasoline engine, as efficient as a diesel-powered car? You would have a really efficient gasoline car. Entry Ignition is a theoretical study that proposes to combine the compression ratio of a diesel engine for future gasoline engine technology. Diesel engines rely on compression to induce combustion whereas […]

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by , 4th Jun 20 4:14 pm

As the temperatures outside get warmer, more and more people hit the streets. The fact is, traveling by foot is a healthier and wiser option in many cases; however, it is not always safer. Over 70K pedestrians are injured each year and over 4K die in auto-related accidents every year. Even though this is just […]

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by , 18th May 20 3:47 pm

This is the new 8th-gen (992) Porsche 911 Targa, apparently, the official announcement was brought forward due to yet another disgruntled employee leaking details rather too early for Porsches’ liking. Nevertheless, the early reveal brings light to the darkness of lockdown. We say a big thank you to the disgruntled employee. Anyway, the Porsche Targa […]

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