by , 8th Oct 19 12:27 pm

Hiring taxis has become a regular part of everyone’s life. To the extent that people are preferring taxis over their private vehicles. From the daily commute to work to occasional airport transfers, taxis are readily available at a moment’s notice.  It’s no secret how brutally competitive the taxi industry is. With major corporations entering the market, […]

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by , 27th Sep 19 10:08 am

Engineering Explained YouTube man explains why you should avoid buying a turbocharged car. Due to efficiency legislation, modern cars are becoming turbo-charged. So the naturally aspirated engine, which used to be commonplace, is becoming ecoming rare. Ironically turbo-charged cars were rare and have now become the norm. The big capacity naturally aspirated engines have been […]

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by , 26th Sep 19 11:12 am

Lucas and Marcus? who are they? Since the ending of scheduled TV, otherwise called the great TV extinction event, humans now spend their time watching the YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime TV. As with all extinction events, one species dies and another one arises from the embers of what was. A new species of televisual […]

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by , 18th Sep 19 10:18 am

Skoda has a new compact SUV for the UK market. The Skoda Kamiq is positioned below the Kodiaq and Karoq in company’s three-model SUV line-up. Interestingly the Kamiq was designed and developed (and manufactured) in China. The Kamiq features a host of new-to-Skoda styling details. The such as split LED headlights also houses daytime running […]

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by , 16th Sep 19 8:24 pm

We reckon Autogefuhl needs a stylist or a dressing down from his wife after he decided to wear a blouse during his in-depth review (in full screen, full HD, let’s go!) of the apology tour VW ID3. The ill-fitting shirt could be seen as a crime against humanity (in full screen, full HD, let’s go!). […]

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