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Bloomberg takes a look at what engineers found when they tore apart a Tesla Model 3. The engineers in question are US based Munro & Associates a design and manufacturing consultancy business. The company often reverse engineers cars and tore down a Tesla Model 3. For what purpose we don’t know. Munro & Associates found […]

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by , 25th Feb 19 4:59 pm

A guide to scrapping your car If your car is no longer suitable or safe to drive then the simplest and easiest way to get rid of it is by scrapping it. Whether your car is written off or it’s costing you more money than it’s worth to keep repairing it, sites like will […]

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by , 13th Feb 19 12:36 pm

Don’t get me wrong this looks like a very interesting interior design from Honda for their new prototype compact EV. but it looks a bit 1980s. And not in a bad way. Indeed it reminds us of KITT, from Knight Rider. Which reaffirms the 1980s vibe. Note, Honda says “prototype interior” and not “concept”. So […]

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by , 11th Feb 19 10:22 am

Wealthy people in Dubai rarely do manual work. Unless they go to the GYM on a weekly or daily basis. MoVlogs YouTube kid-man doesn’t go to the GYM at the moment because his YouTube revenue stream has seen a sudden decline. MoVlogs decides a quick way to make money is buying auction cars that have […]

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by , 6th Feb 19 10:46 am

The Chevrolet Silverado HD is seemingly immune from the onset of Global Warming. The effects of global warming as we understand it, is bad for business. You have to meet these new emissions regulations. And it all costs billions of dollars. Money that could otherwise be spent on lining the pockets of corrupt politicians. Or […]

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