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A pet such as a Dog is, to owners, a part of the family. From the moment you welcome a furry friend into your home, they become just as important to you as a child and they become a huge part of your life in every aspect of the word. One of the things you […]

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by , 2nd Aug 19 3:02 pm

Is this the most awesome overview of the 2020 Corvette Stingray? It quite possibly is in our humble opinion. This is an overview and not a full-blooded review. It appears Chevrolet is prepared to hold out the carrot and stick because they know the media will follow. And follow they do, like flies drawn to […]

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by , 2nd Aug 19 11:45 am

Thinking of financing a car? There are some occasions when you might buy a car outright. Perhaps you’ve been saving for a while, or you’re buying a cheap used car. However, much of the time, you’ll be looking for some help to pay for your car. Spreading the costs means you can buy something you […]

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by , 1st Aug 19 4:57 pm

When Aston listed its shares on the stock markets in October 2018 the company was overvalued. As is the case with any new stock listing. You have to look at the stock markets as a rich man’s playground. The stock markets are made by the rich (be it individuals or corporations) and the stock markets […]

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by , 31st Jul 19 1:04 pm

The Audi A1 Citycarver? Initially, we thought this to be a mistype, a grammatical error of sorts (both of which we here at DCB HQ regularly excel at). However, the Audi A1 Citycarver is a real model specification. A real name. Someone at the Audi marketing and branding department actually spent time realising this “Citycarver” […]

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