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The VW T Roc Cabriolet is “da” house. We here at DCB HQ have never been fans of the convertible. From a technical perspective, you lose a lot of structural integrity. Think about, you would never consider taking the roof off your house to experience the British wind, rain, hail, snowstorm, more rain, cold miserable […]

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by , 15th Aug 19 12:53 pm

This is an odd situation for Valtteri Bottas to find himself. The team boss of Mercedes F1 is highly likely to dump Bottas in favor of Sebastian Ocon. Ocon was released from Force India in 2018 as the team changed ownership and rebranded into Racing Point. The seat went to Lance Stroll, whose billionaire father […]

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by , 15th Aug 19 11:56 am

YouTuber Samcrac, a name that sounds suspiciously narcotic, is down in South Florida heading on over to a supercar graveyard. Rather the location is a salvage auction, where totaled “dead” cars go to live on for another day. These salvage cars are often bought for parts or given a second chance by a budding repair […]

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by , 9th Aug 19 3:22 pm

Parker Nirenstein, Vehicle Virgins, YouTube, advertising… money. God damn, we should’a started a YouTube channel, in marketing, terms its a potentially lucrative vertical. In reality, not one of us here at DCB HQ are camera friendly. That is to say, we come across as awkward, not good for YouTubing, not good ever, and we have […]

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by , 9th Aug 19 12:12 pm

There’s just something about Renault, that’s why we here at DCB HQ call any model Renault Something. Unfortunately, there are people willing to buy theses automobiles. We feel for these unfortunates for they seem to be many, yet are few and far between. At one point all of us here at DCB HQ have been […]

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