by , 18th Mar 20 10:19 am

If you can’t beat them join them is the age-old adage and Volkswagen is finally seeing the light and doing a Mercedes X Class. That is to say, the future Amarok Pickup Truck will pretend to be a Volkswagen. You see Ford and Volkswagen are getting it together, forming a new joint alliance. Why? To […]

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by , 12th Mar 20 12:35 pm

In Rolls Royce parlance the term Collection means… limited edition. But this is Rolls Royce and they have to reassemble the English language to make what they sell that extra bit appealing. After all, if you are a High Net Worth Individual waiting for yet another tax break you don’t need buying such a bespoke […]

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by , 29th Feb 20 1:56 pm

The last day pre-season F1 testing should always be taken with a pinch of salt, and perhaps pepper for it is never a bellwether for the season ahead. Valterri Bottas took the honor of the day by setting the fastest time of all, but it was around 1 second off his own fastest overall lap […]

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by , 17th Feb 20 10:31 am

We love it when Jaguar Land Rover announces bad news. We love it, even more, when Jaguar Land Rover announces consecutive quarters of bad news. Remember that radical new seat they were touting a few weeks ago? total and utter bullshit distraction from the skunkworks of the zombie-eyed and clueless JLR PR/Marketing department. And to […]

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by , 11th Feb 20 10:58 am

Like any major purchase, buying a car can be an overwhelming and time-consuming experience. It’s crucial to get the most out of your investment when purchasing a car, whether it’s brand new or used. Of course, there are different aspects that must be factored in, depending on what type of car you are buying. However, […]

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