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Boulder County in Colorado is a high desert with a mild climate and cold winters. The temperatures dip to lower levels even in the summers. At the same time, December and January are frigid, with an average daytime temperature of 22 degrees. Though the city is rarely buried in snow, it is essential to prepare […]

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by , 12th Dec 19 1:45 pm

McLaren is taking a leaf out the Porsche 911 handbook of how to extract as many model derivatives from one single model. Give the said model derivative a fixed-wing, new bumpers, diffusers and crucially a new name and ker-blamo, you have an “all-new” model. The McLaren 620R uses this ascribed formula for it is a […]

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by , 26th Nov 19 12:34 pm

Subaru has updated the Forester SUV which is now available in the UK with the latest mild-hybrid tech. The Forester e-Boxer mild-hybrid will be available in two variants, XE and XE Premium. Prices start at £33,995 for the XE and £36,995 for the XE Premium. Key highlights for the entry-level XE are LED headlights, fog […]

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by , 22nd Nov 19 11:49 am

This is the all-new Tesla Cybertruck, much anticipated, much concept rendered, much talked about and now finally revealed for all to see. And it is certainly a talking point. The Tesla Cybertruck is the punk rock of pickup trucks… at least in appearance. It’s nothing like we have seen before although social media is drawing […]

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by , 11th Nov 19 12:19 pm

The electric future is happening right now and it’s happening very, very, very fast. As we say, if you are interested in buying an electric car, any electric car then go for a Tesla. Tesla has gone through the early adopter pain all for your personal gain. Tesla simply offers the best electric car products […]

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