by , 16th Jan 19 12:23 pm

YouTube is the new TV. You know what, I own a Sony Ultra HD, 4K HDR TV. The problem is that digital TV stations do not offer 4K content, many digital TV stations are offered in below HD quality, below 720p. That’s why I am now watching more and more content on YouTube via my smart […]

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by , 21st Dec 18 10:03 pm

Did you know that car insurance accounts for over 40% of the market share in Canada’s insurance industry? In 2017, it generated over $15 billion in net premiums. These figures show that car insurance is a highly lucrative business for insurers. It is also beneficial to car owners. For example, it protects you from financial […]

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by , 19th Nov 18 4:46 pm

I know, I know we said that we would never again feature another boring crash compilation from the Nurburgring (where cars go to die). But here we are and yet again we have gone against our word. Admittedly we haven’t even bothered to watch any Nurburgring crash compilations for months. So what changed our minds? A slow […]

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by , 23rd Oct 18 11:04 am

So you drop out of high school for supplying with intent, get a 2 year sentence, get released and suddenly you’re a rap star. Your name is Lil Baby, three years into a music career and you rub shoulders with Drake. So what do you do with that hard earned money? as with any rags to […]

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by , 18th Sep 18 3:01 pm

In the most unlikely of alliances, Volkswagen is working with Hewlett Packard in developing new 3D printed metal parts. If the venture is successful then VW could introduce 3D printing as a standard part of its manufacturing process. HP has already developed a “Metal Jet” 3D printing machine, it’s being used by GKN, a UK […]

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