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Driving safely is a basic tip we should all use more often. But during downfalls driving can be dangerous, even for skilled drivers. When visibility is affected and the roads get wet and slippery, your vehicle can become difficult to control. FBD Insurance has provided some top driving tips for tackling torrential rain safely this […]

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by , 16th Mar 19 1:07 pm

The Tesla Model Y is Tesla’s electric compact crossover utility vehicle (CUV). MKBHD was invited to the official launch, he only had 30 seconds of time to “test” the Model Y. The CUV is the company’s second vehicle built upon the Model 3 platform and will offer optional third-row seats. There are currently four planned […]

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by , 11th Mar 19 1:08 pm

Doug DeMuro is clearly a seditionist or possibly working for or against AntiFa. Why do we say this? He likes the Premium luxury Rubbish BMW 7 Series SUV. Says it’s the best premium luxury SUV on the market, better than the unreliable as hell Range Rover. Any way DeMuro takes his usual forensic look at […]

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by , 11th Mar 19 10:17 am

One question we don’t often get asked is how does Porsche make the new 911. We often don’t get asked any questions at all, because only the dog, next door neighbours cat and Amazon make up our daily users. So that got us thinking… how is a modern day Porsche 911 made? The 2019 spec […]

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by , 7th Mar 19 11:10 am

If you have always dreamt about owning a classic car, you will want to drive it every day, instead of just keeping it in the garage most of the time, you will have to take it to the modern age, and you will need to make sure that it lives up to the expectations of […]

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