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Vehicles don’t come cheap, and they are assets you must maintain to keep them in excellent working conditions. A faulty car can cause losses in time and money, but it can also be detrimental to the safety of the motorist and passengers. That’s why auto repair and regular car maintenance is important. There are plenty […]

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Your car misfired last week, but you ignored it. Now, every day your engine pops. The reason your car is making that noise is that the piston timing inside the engine is wrong. These days, almost every American family has a car. In a 2016 vehicle ownership survey, 91.3% of households owned at least 1 vehicle! […]

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It’s a fair and balanced day here at the Daily Car Blog HQ. And that means we repeat, verbatim, and repeat, verbatim, nice happy news. And that means non-negative news… boring news. So we selected an auto brand that is guaranteed to get consistent non-critical “happy” news… you guessed it… BMW. And because today is a […]

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The Ford Flex an odd-looking, odd sounding vehicle. It’s an SUV/Van crossover. Prime markets are in the United States, Canada and in the Middle East. The Flex is based on a vehicular platform dating back to 2004. But that’s not the main issue. The main issue is that not many people bought into the idea of owning a […]

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We’re really excited about the new fastest ever 2020 Corvette and so it appears is Engineering Explained YouTube man. The 2020 Corvette is the most un-American of cars ever made. And we’re talking any car be it pick-up, sedan, supercar, nitro-powered supercar. Why? Because the 2020 Corvette is actually using the principles of detailed engineering […]

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