by , 28th May 20 1:52 pm

The Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric – Volvo’s first all-electric car – is now available for UK customers to order. The first of five fully electric cars to be launched by the Swedish company over the next five years, the XC40 Recharge Pure Electric P8 is capable of traveling more than 249 miles on a […]

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by , 22nd May 20 11:16 am

Ferrari has just raised $713 million USD through a bond issue to boost immediate liquidity. Unlike many automakers Ferrari has not yet felt the full impact of the coronavirus pandemic. During the first quarter of 2020 deliveries rose by 4.9 percent. However net revenues declined by 0.8 percent due to lower sponsorship income from its […]

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by , 21st May 20 10:24 am

Volkswagen has landed itself into the center of a racist controversy of its own making. The company’s surreal advertisement blitz for the new Golf featured a suited man of colour being pushed around by a giant white hand before being flicked into a cafe called Petit Colon. The advertisement is peppered with intentionally racist overtures. […]

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by , 8th May 20 11:38 am

When Alfa Romeo launched the 4C coupe sports car in 2013 it was heralded as the b-of the bang in rejuvenating the fortunes of the Italian company, specifically in America. The 4C was given universal appraise by motoring journalists across the world. Subsequently, sales bombed and the 4C was eventually withdrawn for sale in the […]

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by , 29th Apr 20 11:38 am

The BMW 5 Series facelift has been leaked and it is what it is, a mid-cycle product update as many professional product managers would say. Such updates are designed to keep the design language fresh and contemporary. But the real purpose is to extend the products ‘shelf life’ to continue bagging more sales. That’s what […]

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