by , 19th Jan 19 8:19 pm

In an effort to stay content relevant and out of sheer desperation to keep the news cycle going on a slow news day we have decided to start a new feature. It may well end up being entirely pointless and to be honest this writer did not want to do a Daily Mail style feature on […]

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by , 17th Jan 19 2:19 pm

TGE TV supercar vlogger YouTube man bought a 2017 year model Lamborghini Aventador SV. He didn’ realize it was up for a major service, with barely 3,000 miles on the clock. TGE TV Youtube man works in the city, he is an investment banker, earns a whoosh of money as a result. AND he also runs […]

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by , 15th Jan 19 1:45 pm

Openly admitting that no one buys a city car before the review has even begun, isn’t a great way to start a comparison test. So why review a city car? Well, the Aussie bloke journo-hack is a car reviewer… mate. Reviewing cars is part of his job. Aussies, in general, don’t buy into the city car philosophy, indeed […]

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by , 14th Jan 19 11:03 am

Driving sideways is a Chris Harris specialty. It’s a great skill to control a car as it gets sideways, the feeling is one of elation. Take the Mercedes Benz W124, the rear wheel drive Merc was easy to get sideways in damp/wet conditions. It made you feel like a rally driver. But driving sideways isn’t […]

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by , 11th Jan 19 12:23 pm

Internet juggernaut Car Throttle has just bought a 2004 Mazda RX-8 for a mere £650. Initially, the RX-8 looks in great condition. But a closer inspection reveals that this RX-8 has a few issues… a lot of issues… a lot of money issues. The Mazda RX-8 is known for its rotary engine. Rotary engines are an early type […]

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