by , 4th Dec 19 4:28 pm

The Land Rover Discovery Sport, proper Briitish it is, proper British. First launched in 2014 it was basically a rehashed Ford Mondeo in Land Rover apparel. The second-generation launched this year and is actually based on the Range Rover Evoque’s chassis. Modularity is the name of the game in modern automotive production. The new Discovery Sport […]

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by , 3rd Dec 19 10:51 am

A statement from The Daily Car Blog We love Volkswagen. Volkswagen is the number one bestseller the world over. They have provided all of us with legitimate freedom to travel the… world. We should all be grateful to the Volkswagen – das Auto der Leute – and errm the ducks and the… errmmm other animals. […]

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by , 2nd Dec 19 8:46 pm

Imagine having to move from one place to another. This new place can be an area close to where you already live, or it can be on another continent. You will have to move everything from one continent to another. What if you have a car? How will that be possible? Well, in fact, it […]

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by , 30th Nov 19 6:12 pm

Are you in the market for a new car? Whether you’re purchasing your first car or are ready to upgrade from your current one, car shopping is a time filled with excitement and opportunity. However, there is one major question that you’ll need to ask yourself before you even begin your car-shopping process. Are you […]

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by , 26th Nov 19 4:01 pm

We here at DCB HQ have to admit that Tesla Cybertruck is at the top of our really-badly-want-list. We love it because it doesn’t look like a Pickup truck but it is a pickup. And we think it looks great. And we will be placing a pre-order for sure. The design is polarising and that’s […]

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