Upon my arrival I was welcomed by Mo, A.Kahn Design's marketing guru, I was then taken inside the main building and led up a spiral staircase and onto the second floor show room whereupon I was greeted by an array of supercar exotica. The Ferrari California was out shone by the two Bugatti Veyron's, one featuring an F1 number plate worth around £400,000 pounds alone.

I was hoping the Veyron would be offered for me to drive, however the Bugatti's are Kahn's pride and joy, investments that are strictly off limits except for a trusted few and I am not the trusted few. After a quick media briefing I was given the keys to a Ford Focus RS, it featured A.Kahn Design 19 inch alloys and black graphic detailing on the front section smoked windows, new exhaust tail pipes, a rear matte black spoiler, side vents, front and rear diffuser, hood and air intakes.

I drove very conservatively around the local area in the knowledge that I was in some one's future pride and joy, this isn't like driving a test car where you can take a few liberties. On my return I was then taken around for a brief tour of the A.Kahn Design facility. The ground floor has a garage and the upholsterers workshop resides just around the corner of the building where all vehicles are gutted and re-trimmed to customers individual specifications and requirements.

Many have tried and many have failed to get an interview with Afzal Kahn from the BBC to the Wall Street Journal and now they can add dailycarblog.com to that eminent list. Afzal Kahn was simply tied up with pressing matters, on the phone, approving the latest build of a Range Rover for a client, resolving issues and in serious thought. This hands on, attention to detail approach is partly due to the reason why A.Kahn Design is in such demand and highly regarded as an aftermarket automotive player.

The company spends very little on advertising yet has a high profile in the US, it also has a showroom in Park Lane, London and one can presume this is one of its key marketing drivers in addition to Afzal Khan's ability to sell on personality alone. I did meet Afzal Kahn very briefly, he had to attend a funeral service and was in a rush to leave, a quick hand shake and incoherent mumbling's from me and he made his way. With a million pound plus fleet at his disposal including a Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe outside on the garage forecourt you would think that he would be spoiled for choice. Not so, he drove off in an Enterprise hire van in an anti-hubris show of humility.