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Sebastian Vettel Prepares For Ferrari Exit Strategy

Ferrari Escape Plan, Sebastian Vettel, dailycarblog

Sebastian Vettel’s five-year tenure at Ferrari appears to be nearing to an awkward end. Vettel has had a stellar career. From the youngest F1 champion in 2010, four world championships to his name, and 53 Grand Prix wins, 14 of them with Ferrari. With Vettel’s contract expiring at the end of 2020, reports are circulating that Ferrari is delaying contract talks. Although it must be noted, the weeks leading up to June are usually known as the “crazy season” in Formula One parlance, or unsubstantiated rumors.

But let’s take a look at the rumors surrounding Sebastian Vettel’s future at Ferrari. Reports from various media outlets have suggested Vettel rejected a one-year contract extension. Ferrari then offered a multi-year deal with reduced pay. If both scenarios are true then Ferrari is effectively saying to Vettel that his services are no longer required. It’s almost like a contractual constructive dismissal.

Based on these rumors, and they are just rumors, but if true Vettel should walk away from Ferrari. Such terms should be seen as an insult, terms that are purposely designed to constrict Vettel’s bargaining power. Vettel’s standing in Ferrari has been eroded by teammate Charles Leclerc. Once, Vettel was the rising superstar usurper, now he has been usurped by a rising superstar.

Ferrari Escape Plan, Vettel, dailycarblog

That is the way in any sport, for a sporting career is by definition a finite existence. One will rise and another will fall, from it all emerges a new generation. At 32 Vettel still has a few good years left in him, he has the speed and desire but he no longer has Ferrari’s support. Ferrari has and always will be a one driver team, they will always favor the strongest.

Leclerc has outperformed Vettel in their first season together as team-mates, as a result, Vettel’s stock within Ferrari has fallen. If and when the 2020 season resumes, Vettel will not play second fiddle to his younger teammate. Vettel’s options are McLaren or Renault, both of whom have expressed interest in acquiring his services at a value Vettel’s bank balance is accustomed to.

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