Planet of The Humans Documentary Apes Pro Fossil Fuel Industry Agenda

Michael Moore’s Planet of The Humans has caused a lot of stir among renewable, pro-green environmentalists and activists. The documentary critiques the rise in the renewable/environmental industry sector, an industry that is primarily fueled by fossil fuels. For example, to make solar panels often coal-powered power stations are the primary source of energy consumption. Or electric cars that require recharging by connecting to a coal-powered electricity grid.

However, Planet of The Humans points out the convergence of environmental groups with special money interest. And those special money interests often are fossil fuel corporations, directly or indirectly. These are the institutions that the green and renewable movement should be avoiding.

Environmental groups are so enraged by the documentary they want it banned citing that it relies upon 10-year-old and out of date science. But these environmental groups do not critique the convergence with the fossil fuel industry, which is the main takeaway from Planet of The Humans.

So, who is right and who is wrong? Until the world runs out of fossil fuels there will never truly be a green revolution. Below is a critique of Michael Moore’s documentary to give a bit of context.

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