Manny Khoshbin, From Mopping Floors To Owning Three Bugattis

Real Estate developer Manny Khoshbin doesn’t do pandemics and doesn’t do less than personally owning 1 Bugatti. He owns two Bugatti Veyrons and 1 Bugatti Chiron. Obviously, real estate development has allowed Khoshbin to indulge in his love of cars. A Bugatti is one of the few cars that actually accumulates in value.

Koshbin is a rags-to-riches story. As a refugee, he entered the USA from Iran at 14. One of his first jobs was mopping floors. He set up businesses soon after, experienced failures and eventually made good in real-estate. Today, his personal car fleet is valued at $20million USD.

Usually, we find such expression of wealth rather vulgar, however, Manny Khoshbin has rightly earned his way to over-indulge in his love of cars. We can’t find fault in someone who once sold peanuts door-to-door to earn a living.

But the all-white attire, we can find fault with. That is all.

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