And Carwow’s Verdict On The Brilliant BMW 340i Touring is…

We here at DCB HQ are falling back into love with brilliant BMW and the BMW 340i Touring. But if you think we are in any way aligned with BMW consider this, we black-listed them from our email list a long time ago. But that’s another story for another time. Meanwhile, bad-to-the-bone Carwow has more influence than us. Which is deeply troubling.

Having more influence is a gateway to… free booze, ski-trips, free booze, parties, free booze and Covid-19. So while Carwow are boozing it up and receiving BMW pressers, we here at DCB HQ are resigned to flossing out our teeth and watching old Jean Claude Damme movies on a cranky VHS machine.

Influence is a commodity, a means in which PR people can jump on a bandwagon and play a tune to suit a specific marketing narrative… so we end this by saying, the BMW 340i Touring is brilliant.

…we are becoming mainstream, destroyers of worlds.

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