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We Ask, What Is The Value of The Mazda MX-5?

Mazda MX-5 Is Dead -

What is the value of the Mazda MX-5? Why does Mazda continue to sell the MX-5 when consumer demand is solely focused on SUVs? Why doesn’t Mazda discontinue the MX-5 and have done with it? The MX-5, it isn’t useful anymore except to a bunch of motoring journalists who will give deliberately positive reviews in exchange for a 1-week loan. The MX-5 is dying, and you only have to look at the sales figures to work out consumers are simply not interested in the 2-door sports convertible. The MX-5 is Mazda’s so-called halo car, but over time the light has slowly dimmed.

In America the MX-5 achieved total sales of 7,753 units during 2019. That’s over 7k units in the world’s biggest car market. Sales peaked in 2006 with 15k units sold. In Canada the MX-5 is somewhat of a rare sight, only 775 Canadians bought one in 2019. Europe fares better with an average of 10-13k MX-5 unit sales per year, although sales can dip to 5k or less. Mazda doesn’t even bother to sell the MX-5 in China.

As a comparison, the CX-5 SUV sold 154,000 units in America during 2019. The MX-5 has become the Preying Mantis of Mazda’s product portfolio, feasting off the profitability of high volume selling models in order to stay alive. I can not see how the MX-5 remains profitable when it sells in such low numbers. 

In England, The only people buying MX-5s are balding Boomers who are on a last-chance mission to screw everyone over for no particular reason. It’s always been an old man’s car trying to appeal to a younger generation. As good as it is, it is now time for Mazda to lay a wreath on the MX-5 and say thank you, but it’s time to move on.

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