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Ford Reveals UK Price & Spec of The Mustang Mach-E

Ford Mach-E UK Pricing 2020 - Dailycarblog.com

Ford’s first all-electric SUV and oddly named Mustang Mach-E now has a sticker price on it. Entry-level specs in the UK will start from £40,000 with first deliveries scheduled for Q4 2020. Ford claims that the standard entry-level, rear-wheel driven Mach-E will offer a range of up to 280 miles. The 76kWh battery has an equivalent power output of 256bhp in old money.

The AWD version starts from £46,000, however, the range drops to 260 miles. Which is kind of like paying more for less. Anyway, for an extra £10,000 you can upgrade to the long-range version which also bumps up the power to 99kWh, or 281bhp. Ford claims the long-range version is good for 370 miles. 

Ford Mach-E UK 2020 Pricing - Dailycarblog.com

You can only make use of the UK government’s £3,000 plugin grant if the value of the electric vehicle is £50,000 or above. Guess what? Ford has an answer for that. The AWD long-range version, with that 99kWh power output, starts from £56,950. Ford claims a range of up to 335 miles and power is boosted to 332bhp.

The interior is a rampant rip-off of Tesla’s design language, typical unimaginative Ford. We doubt the Ford Mach-E will meet the claimed mileage stats. Ford is in the early stages of rolling out a cluster of electric cars, but it has much to learn compared to Tesla.

Ford Mach-E UK 2020 Pricing - Interior - Dailycarblog.com

If you want an advanced electric car, then the default for this moment and time, and perhaps for the foreseeable future, is Tesla. If you overlook production quality concerns and concentrate purely on the underlying tech, then clearly Tesla is leading the way with its advanced electric powertrain.

Ford Mach-E UK 2020 Pricing - RE - Dailycarblog.com

We do not get paid by Tesla to make these positive comments it’s just pure fact. Tesla is leading the way in terms of power output, efficiencies and range. So our advice here at DCB HQ Lockdown is, don’t buy the fucking Ford Mach-E.

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