Mat Watson Bores The Pistons Out of us All As He Geek Torques About His Beloved Porsche 911 996

Coronavirus or no Conoravirus our continued online stalking and trolling of Carwow’s Mat Watson shows no sign of abating. In this particular video, Mat Watson is in pure geek mode, a mode that has otherwise laid dormant. You won’t see Watson get this in-depth, this technical during official Carwow reviews. No sir, the hidden inner geek is reserved exclusively for his personal YouTube channel… that we are inadvertently promoting.

Indeed we were initially impressed with his technical knowledge of “The Beloved”, otherwise known as the Porsche 911 (996). But when geek mode kicks in he doesn’t stop. Engine, suspension, mods, diameter of the by-pass pipe, intermediate shaft bearing, dual row bearing, single row bearing, less than 10-percent failure rate… on and on and on.

He doesn’t get this in-depth on Carwow official. But in this particular video, it’s full-on anorak-loner-notepad-anti-bacterial wet wipe carrying geek mode. But admittedly it is quite a useful guide to those of you who are interested in buying a pre-owned Porsche 996.

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