Edd China’s Hollywood Aspirations Turn Sour After Becoming A White Van Man

Down and out of luck Edd China’s – that is his real surname – career has taken a dramatic downward spiral after Hollywood came calling and then hung up. The once genius master of Wheeler Dealers, and let’s be honest here Edd carried the show on his shoulders, is now being paid pennies to front video reviews for WHATCAR?

With frustration etched on his face, but lacking no enthusiasm Edd does his professional best. Mr. China had been promised a leading Hollywood role in the next Aquaman movie. Mr. China’s worldwide popularity was highly regarded among the elite Hollywood movie producers.

However, a spanner was thrown into the works after difficult contractual negotiations. Mr. China demanded his breaks in between shooting should be enlightened with Crumpets and tea, both provided at a specific temperature. After weeks of negotiations, the talks broke off.

Our legal advisor has just told us to add that none of the above actually ever happened. We made it all up to fill column spaces because that’s what highly respected journalists do, so why can’t we… Top quality car blog.

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