Why Buying a Second-Hand Car Is Better Than a New One

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When you need to purchase a new car to replace your old one – perhaps because it is no longer economically possible to keep it on the road – it is tempting to buy a new one outright or to arrange some financing to help you spread the cost of a showroom model. However, this is not always the best way to obtain a car that will see you right for the next five or six years. In fact, the second-hand car market is often the best place to turn no matter what sort of car you need – a city run-around or a prestige vehicle that you can use for business. Why opt for a used car rather than a brand new one?

Improved Longevity

Cars are made to last these days. So long as the previous owner can show you a logbook that demonstrates their car has been looked after properly, there is no need to worry unduly about reliability issues. Even cars that are parked outside rather than stored in garages will have no signs of rust on them due to modern paint technologies. Today, this applies equally as well in coastal areas like Brighton as it does to ones that have never been exposed to salty sea spray in the air. Indeed, it is not just paint that keeps used cars looking as good as new but the sort of fabrics that barely show any signs of wear at all.

Lower Cost

When you buy anything that is second-hand, you will inevitably expect a cost saving to be made. Although some of the financing deals you can get with showroom cars look attractive, there are sometimes more on costs than you might expect, especially if you miss a payment. On the other hand, used cars are often thousands less than their brand new counterparts even if they have very little mileage on the clock.

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The Ecological Choice

Buying a used car is better for the environment. Because there is a significant after market for cars in the UK, fewer new ones are produced than there otherwise would be. In other words, buying second-hand means you are doing your bit for the environment by extending the life of the car you purchase. That means fewer of the world’s resources are used up by unnecessary car production. Indeed, there is nothing to stop you going green by opting for a hybrid or even a fully electric second-hand car as more and more of these are making it onto the used market nowadays.

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The only catch with buying a used car is you never know what the real condition of the car is. However, going to a credible car dealer is the best solution to this issue. One such dealer is KAP Motors; every used car that they sell under their name undergoes a rigorous pre-inspection test so ensure that every part of the car is genuine and is in working condition. KAP Motors Brighton has a wide variety of used cars from different brands like Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Ford, Nissan Qashqai etc. You can visit their branch or book a car online! For more details you can also call them at 01273 748484.

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