When A Horrendously Replicated Lamborghini Looks Better Than A Hyundai

Lamborghini Aventador - Freakish Replica - Mutant - Dailycarblog.com

Feast your eyes on this freakish, abnormality of a replica Lamborghini Aventador Huracan. Or rather it was an attempt to make a replica Lamborghini with good intentions gone wrong. It’s true to say Lamborghini won’t be losing any sleep over this car crash recreation, but you know what? I rather like it. Sure it isn’t perfect and it has been savagely designed, assembled and made roadworthy. but you’ve got to admire the many, many hours of work that has gone into making this… thing.

Aventador - Freakish Replica - Mutant - Interior Dailycarblog.com

The underlying chassis is based on a Pontiac GTO which itself is based on the 5th generation Holden Monaro. It was found by way of an eBay listing and has been doing the rounds on the interweb. The listing says it is actually an Aventador / Huracan tribute, which explains the weird contradictions to the exterior aesthetics.

Powering this… thing… is a Corvette V8. The listing is ended as of now, it was up for auction with a starting price of $33,750.00 USD. Whoever made this even created a Lambo-esq interior. To a reasonable degree of success.

Aventador - Freakish Replica - Mutant - Rear - Dailycarblog.com

Despite its low rent appearance I like, I like it a lot. Sure it isn’t perfect but at least it looks better than a Hyundai, any Hyundai.

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