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Volvo FINALLY! Adds Mild Hybrid Tech To The Refreshed S90, V90 And Entire Range… FINALLY!

Volvo 2020 Mild Hybrid - V90 -

From time to time we go full-on ‘DailyMail’ by exaggerating the banner headlines with block capitals to make and underscore an assertive point. However, we don’t do the full-Daily-Mail which is built around a framework of tried and trusted bullying, bigotry, xenophobia, the egregious list is endless. Nevertheless, the Daily Mail is considered the vanguard of self-righteous and respectable journalism. And advertisers like Volvo pay good money to appeal to the narrow-minded and intolerant spirit of the Daily Mail’s Englandshire. 

Volvo considers the Daily Car Blog to be the dustbin of journalism and will have nothing to do with us… because we don’t do enough respectable bigotry, xenophobia, self-righteous, you’re-wrong-I-am-right journalism. We here at the Daily Car Blog understand our place in this… society. Undeterred, we will exercise our civic duty and apply more Daily Mail ‘critical analysis’ in due course… AHEM! FINALLY!

Meanwhile, Volvo has FINALLY! given the S90 and V90 a mid-product-cycle update. New headlights, bumper designs increased level of equipment, the usual mid-product-cycle updates. FINALLY! wireless charging is now offered… on only the flagship trim levels.

FINALLY! Volvo has introduced mild-hybrid technology. And it’s about time too because Volvo’s petrol engines are the least efficient in the premium sector. The company’s 48-volt mild-hybrid powertrain options are now available on every Volvo model… FINALLY!

Volvo 2020 Mild Hybrid - S90 -

Volvo officially says that its mild-hybrid technology offers up to 15 percent in fuel savings and emission. That is a big fat lie. It’s probably closer to around 4-5 percent. And Volvo’s legal disclaimer is hidden in the wordage. By stating “up to” Vovo has given itself a lot of wriggle room, “up to” could mean anything from 0 percent “up to” 15 percent.

Anyway, as diesel powertrains are going to be hit hard over the next decade by governmental emissions legislation it FINALLY! makes sense for Volvo to add mild-hybrid technology to its range. They are late in doing so but… FINALLY!

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