Drifting In Australia, Fair Dinkum Cobber, Chubwaza, Mate

When trying to ‘get down’… ‘man’ with the Australians one must become Australian… ‘mate’. But we’re no ‘ankle biters’ ermm ‘fair dinkum’… ‘mate’ ‘chubtossers’ we’re simply doing our civic duty to bring the world into clearer focus.

Youtuber car nut Adam ‘the bludger’ LZ heads on ‘down under’ to the land of Australia to get his drifting skills ‘choc a bloc’ … ‘on it’. He ‘cracks the shits’ … with a ‘galah’ … ‘good on ya’ attitude.

… ‘fair dinkum’ to the little… ‘blighter’ … ‘mongrel’ as he ‘whoop’ … ‘whoops’ around the ‘chuzwazas’ drift track… I have no idea what the hell I am doing, let alone what I am talking about… ‘mate’… ‘dude’.

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