Carwow’s Mat Watson Prays To Jesus, Hopes Hyundai Finally Makes A Decent Supermini

Carwow’s Mat Waston prays to Jesus, yes sir! May the Lord Carwow who art in heaven, Hyundai be thy name, yes sir! Give us this day, a decent Hyundai and forgive them if they deliver below-average superminis of no worth, yes sir! For Hyundai will not lead us into temptation, it is a guaranteed certainty, yes sir!

Legal disclosure 1: 

The article made it appear Mat Watson prays to Jesus during the video review of the Hyundai i10. This did not happen nor did Mat Watson evoke the Lords Prayer. We do not know of Mat Watson’s current religious denomination if indeed he has one. Mat Watson did not say he hopes Hyundai makes a decent supermini.

Legal disclosure 2:

Hyundai does make crappy superminis that are primarily bought by goose-stepping, skin-head national socialists.

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