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2020 Ferrari Causing Theoretical Concern Among Engineers

Scuderia Ferrari - 2020 Pre Season - Concerns -

Ferrari started the 2019 campaign with huge hopes of taking the title fight to Mercedes. They ended the season with just three wins, two for Leclerc and one for Vettel. Ferrari spent most of 2019 trying to figure out how best to unlock the full potential of the Scuderia SF90. They managed to do so on three occasions. For the majority of 2019 the SF90 proved to be severely inconsistent. However pre-season testing suggested otherwise. Ferrari intends not to repeat 2019 when the 2020 season gets underway.

Whereas 2019 pre-season testing looked game-on, 2020 theoretical testing is already looking grim. With limitations on real-world testing Formula One teams have switched to advanced state-of-the-art computer simulation and wind tunnel testing. And the word is Ferrari’s 2020 computer models are not looking promising.

According to various sources wind tunnel and simulator testing is showing aerodynamic flaws. However, there is still time to resolve any issue. These days teams tend to develop throughout the season. So if any flaw is found it will be quickly rectified before the first race.

But there is no guarantee the fix will resolve the issue. However, these rumors could all be part of an elaborate game. Perhaps Ferrari is confident of making a significant step and want to downplay this for various reasons. Only time and pre-season testing will tell.

But you shouldn’t take pre-season testing as the final definitive word on which team will be the strongest for 2020. We’ll only know for sure when the first race of the season begins. 2020 Pre-season testing is scheduled for February 19 and will be held at the Barcelona race circuit.

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