This Is the Most Unenthusiastic Car Review You Will See

Ok, ok, so you are part of the established automotive press core guaranteed to give and return a safe review. Safe enough for Mercedes PR to give you the keys to a new C CLass sedan for a week. Getting a press car from Mercedes PR is like begging for mercy. OK, so you’re full of enthusiasm for the week ahead as you look forward to filming a car review. Only Joe from has left his enthusiasm behind.

Maybe the car review could be enlivened with explosions and a banquet, or perhaps the producers could have recreated a scene from the Stephen Speilberg movie Duel. Why not have a narrative that features a rampaging elephant with a motivation for revenge? But this time it’s personal.

Mr “enthusiasm” needs to perk up, his conclusion? “the car looks really, realy good, nice technology, good choice really”. If that was our professional conclusion we would have been sacked.

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